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The RWM and Brethren of the Celtic Lodge E & L 291 would like wish everyone the very best in 2017.
The Brethren of the Celtic Lodge 291 would like to wish all who visit our Web Page a Hundred Thousand Welcomes and we encourage all enquiries.
if your are looking for a Father, Grand Father, or Family Member, who may have been a Member of the Celtic Lodge E & L 291 or if you would like to join the Celtic Lodge 291 or have an interest in  Freemasonry please Email us and we will try to help your enquiry to Bill Boland PM Lodge Historian at
When we will be welcoming all our usual Brethren and Invited Guests and afterwards to a Harmony in our Thistle Room at Brodie's Close Lawnmarket Edinburgh.

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Minutes of C L 291 from 2017 - 2025



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01 01 2017.

 alstair jpg 291 001.jpg Celtic Lodge Logo  The RWM Alistair Easson PM Wardens and Brethren would like to wish all the visitors to the Celtic Lodge E & L 291 Web Page and a prosperous 2017


10 01 2017.

Mary Chapel 1  Deputation To Mary’s Chapel Lodge No 1.

001.jpg Celtic Lodge Logo  The RWM Alistair Easson PM headed a Deputation to Mary’s Chapel Lodge No 1 along with the following Brethren:

Bro Sidney Yeoman PM. Depute Master.

Bro Arthur Owen Hazel PM PGS of The Grand Lodge of Scotland.


Bro Robert Redpath PM Secretary.

Bro William JR Boland PM Almoner Lodge Historian.

Bro Gordon Yeoman PM Past Honorary Member Celtic Lodge 291. PM Kirkliston Maitland Lodge No 482. Honorary DOC Grand Lodge of Scotland.

Bro Robert McLean PM IPM. MM Edinburgh Castle Lodge No 764.

Bro Jim Bathgate PM Canongate Kilwinning Lodge No 2. PM St Leonard’s Lodge No 1283. Honorary Member Celtic Lodge 291.

Bro David Swan WSW. Past Honorary Member Celtic Lodge 291. PM Kirkliston Maitland Lodge No 482.


The Deputation was given a very warm welcome into Mary’s Chapel No 1 by their RWM Bro A Graham Wilkinson Wardens and Brethren.

There was also Deputations from St John Lodge No 3bis Glasgow and Solomon Lodge No 1209.


Mary Chapel 1  The Main business of the evening was to Initiate Mr Ian Morgan Mary’s Chapel No 1 who was their latest Candidate in a long line to join Mary’s Chapel which is the Oldest Lodge not only in Scotland but anywhere in the World their earliest extant Minute as follows:

“Vltimo JuliJ 1599”

“The qik day George Patoun maissioun grenttit & confessit that he had offendit agane the dekin & mrs for placing of ane cowan to wirk at ane chymnay heid for twa dayis and ane half day for the qik offenss he submttit him self in the dekin& mrs ars guds willis qt vnlaw thay please to lay to his charge, and thay having respect to said Georges humill submissioun & of his estait, thay remittit him and the said offenss, Providing alwayis that gif he ony vther brother comitt the lyke offenss heirefter that the Law sall stryke vpoun thame indiscrete vtout excepyioun of psonis this was done in pns of Paull Malsoun dekin, Thoas Weir Warden, Johne Broun Henrie Tailzefeir the said George Patoun & Adame Walkar.


ITa est Adamus Gibsone norius.


Paull Maissoun dekin”


Mr Ian Morgan was then made an Entered Apprentice Freemason and was welcomed by the Brethren.

Bro Ian singed the Roll of Members of Mary’s Chapel Lodge No 1 making him the latest to join such an honourable and esteemed Historic Lodge.


Bro RWM Alistair Easson PM would like to thank all the Celtic Lodge Brethren who supported him on such a fine Deputation to Mary’s Chapel Lodge No 1.


Bro Alistair Easson PM.

Report by Bro W JR Boland PM A LH.


17 01 2017. A Celtic Lodge Evening Out. 7.30pm for 8.00pm.

alstair jpg 291

The RWM Bro Alistair Easson PM headed a very fine group of Celtic Lodge Members and a few invited guests as Follows:

Bro Alistair Easson RWM PM.

Bro Robert McLean IPM.

Bro Sidney Yeoman DM PM.

Bro Arthur Owen Hazel WPGS of GLS PM.

Bro Robert Redpath PM Secretary.

Bro David Liddle PM Treasurer.

Bro Gordon Yeoman PM SM HDOC GLS PM No 482.

Bro David Hull PM Jeweller.

Bro William JR Boland PM Almoner Lodge Historian.

Bro David Swan WSW PM No 482.

Bro David Black PM WJW.

Bro Adrian Dymarkowski SD.

Bro Howard Khan Inner Guard.

Bro Gordon Jamieson MM.

Bro James Bathgate PM No 2. Hon Mem Celtic Lodge No 291

Bro John Brash PM No 392. Hon Mem Celtic Lodge No 291.

Bro Kenny Renton PM No 392.

The Brethren met at 7.30pm for 8.00pm at Howie’s Restaurant Waterloo Place Edinburgh EH1 3BQ.

The RWM at the Head of the table.

The Menu as follows:


Soup of the day served with freshly baked bread & butter.

Haggis, neeps & tatties with thyme jus or vegetarian haggis available.

Duck, pork & pistachio terrine with spice pear chutney & oatcakes.

Scottish hot smoked salmon mousse with capers, olives & horseradish creme fraiche.


Chicken breast with sage butter bread sauce, heritage potatoes & roasted squash.

Potato cauliflower & chickpea curry with sweet potato bhaji & coriander yoghurt.

Fillet of steamed Shetland Salmon with creamed Cavolo nero, smoked bacon & root vegetables.

Casserole of the day.

140g 35 day ages Scottish fillet steak frites with peppercorn or béarnaise Sauce.


Banoffee pie biscuit base toffee banana & whipped cream with toasted almonds.

Chocolate brownie with vanilla cream.

Choice from the Cheese Board.

Tea & Coffee.

The RWM Bro Alistair Easson. Started with the Selkirk grace.

Some hea meat and canna eat,

And some wad eat that want it,

But we hae meat and we can eat,

And sae the Lord be thnkit.

Toast to the Queen and the Craft.

The meals were served in a most professional manner by the staff of Howie’s.

Howie’s Restaurant is in a stunning Georgian style building and was built to celebrate the Battle of Waterloo it can be found at the bottom of the historic Calton Hill Edinburgh which in 1456 James ll granted land to Edinburgh by Charter when Carlton Hill also referred to as (Caldtoun – Cragingalt or Craigend) and has such a stunning view over Edinburgh.

The Celtic Brethren and guests mixed well sharing some Masonic and life stories.

The Celtic Lodge 291 have many exciting venues soon with the 70th anniversary of the Eldon Lodge No 3187 in which both Lodge have visited each other continuously with the Eldon Lodge visiting in April and Celtic Lodge visiting in November.

Also, several visits to Sister Lodges.

The RWM Bro Alistair made special reference to Bro Robert Redpath and thanked Bro Bob for all his hard work in organising such a wonderful evening to the applause of all the Brethren.

The RWM asked the Brethren to stand as the evening ended a final toast to the Celtic Lodge 291 and the continued success for the future.

The RWM wished everyone a safe journey home.

RWM Bro Alistair Easson

Report by W JR Boland PM.


482 Lodge Kirkland Maitland No 482  04 02 2017 Invitation to Kirkliston Maitland No 482.

alstair jpg 291  The RWM Bro Alistair Easson PM was Invited to annual Installation of Kirkliston Maitland No 482 2017-2018 Bro Gordon Yeoman PM.

Bro Alistair was accompanied by the following Brethren:

Bro Sidney Yeoman PM DM.

Bro David Black PM WJW.

Bro Robert Redpath PM Secretary.

Bro William JR Boland PM Almoner LH.

Bro David Garthley PM and PM 1209.

Bro Howard Kahn MM IG.

Bro Adrian Dymarkowski MM SD.

Bro Ryan Lockhart MM JD.

Bro Stewart White PM gave the Brethren a very warm welcome in to the Temple:

There was 15 RWM,s from in and out of the Provence presented to the East to represent all RWM,s. 2 IPM,s Presented to the East to represent all IPM,s. 18 Office Bearers to be Installed. Around 56 other guests.

Kirkliston Maitland No 482 Installing Masters were presented to the East then took up their respective Offices:

Installation Team K M 482  Right Worshipful Installing Masters. Bro Murrie Thomson PM 482 Bro David Swan PM 482 Bro Les Duff PM 482.

Worshipful Installing SW Bro Alistair Easson RWM PM 291.

Worshipful Installing JW Bro Stuart White PM 482.

Worshipful Installing IG Bro Robert Smith RWM 270.

Worshipful Installing DOC Bro Peter Ritchie PM.

Piper Bro John Anderson. SM 548.

The RWPGM Bro Thomas Constable Smith and Bro William Redding PGL Senior Warden and PM 482 were presented to the East.

The Master Elect Bro Gordon Yeoman PM was Presented to the East.

Gordon K M 482  The RWIM,s proceeded to Install Bro Gordon into the Chair of King Solomon.

RWM Bro Gordon Yeoman PM presented the Gavel to the RWPGM Bro Smith who commended the Installing Masters and their team for the very professional way they carried out the Installation and thanked RWM Bro Gordon for his commitment to Freemasonry.

The RWM Bro Gordon Yeoman PM called upon the Bro DOC to Present the Following Brethren:

Bro Grant Milne MM 548 His Son In-law.

Bro Campbell Hamilton PM is Cousin.

Sid and Gordon K M 482  Bro Sidney Yeoman PM Distinguished Member of the Celtic Lodge E & L 291 and HM of Kirkliston Maitland 482. Bro Gordon’s Father.

The Brethren then retired to the Festival of St John.

RWM Bro Gordon Yeoman PM called the Brethren to order for the Festival of St John Bro Alistair Smith PM said Grace.

Bro Gordon then gave the first two toasts the Queen and the Craft.

There was 6 other toasts and replies given.

Kirkliston Maitland’s Menu for the Festival of St John was as follows:

Potato & Leek Soup.

Home Made Steak Pie or Roast Chicken with Stuffing served with Seasonal Vegetables and Potatoes.

Selection of Cheese & Oatcakes followed by Tea & Coffee.

All served professionally by Kirkliston Maitland’s Catering Staff.

001.jpg Celtic Lodge Logo  RWM Bro Alistair Easson PM of the Celtic Lodge E & L 291 gave a very heartfelt warm thanks to the Brethren who accompanied him to Kirkliston Maitland 482 Installation and festival of St John:

Bro Alistair Easson PM.

Report Bro W JR Boland PM Almoner LH.


07 02 2017 Black Cross  In Memory of:

Shining Star  Bro George Batley Fraser PM 1st September 1932 – 27th January 2017.

Bro George Batley Fraser was initiated into the Celtic Lodge E & L 291 on the 4th November 1980 Bro George worked his way around the various offices and was RWM in 2005-2006

The Order of service as follows:

Entry Music. Stranger on the Shore by Acker Bilk.

Prayers by the Chaplain

First Hymn. Will your Anchor hold in the storm of life? Priscilla Jane Owens (1829 – 1907)

alstair jpg 291  Bro Alistair Easson RWM PM of the Celtic Lodge E & L 291.

 Alistair George 3  I first met George as a colleague when I joined Peek Frean as a Sales Representative in 1966 around the Borders area.

George worked the same territory and was always ready to offer help and advice. We both seemed to get on well together and soon became friends.

I can remember when I visited George’s home at Ladywell Avenue it was called Broomhouse Road in these days,

George and his next door neighbour Gerry did not think Broomhouse Road was posh enough so they got it changed to Ladywell Avenue.

George had a Dog, a little White Poodle called Penny who always sat on his knee and when I came in and sat down she would growl at me continually did so on every visit I made. George said it was probably because I was wearing glasses but I’m not so sure. George liked to play Bowls and was a Member of Dean Bowling Club and he introduced me as a Member.

George Knew that I was a Freemason and when his Wife Rena passed away George approached me and said he would like to become a Member.

George had all the proper attributes and along with his Brother in Law John Sinclair both joined the Celtic Lodge E & L 291 on the 4th November 1980.

Bro George enjoyed the friendship and fellowship of the Craft and hardly missed a meeting. George got fully involved in the Lodge proceedings and it was my great honour and delight to Install him in the Chair of Solomon as Master of the Celtic Lodge E & L 291 for the year 2005 – 2006.

George was remarried to a lovely lady named Heather.

George had many friends as can be seen from the large attendance here today.

I felt privileged to be counted as one of his closest friends and as we say goodbye to George I would thank him for his friendship over all the many years and for the memories which I will always cherish.

A special thank you to Heather and the family for allowing me to deliver this tribute to George.

The Second Hymn. The Lord’s my Shepherd, I’ll not want. Scottish Psalter (1650).

Bag Piper 3  Bro Jim E Fraser PM Piper. Played Amazing Grace as he walked into the distance.

Heather said the family were delighted that Jim Fraser played the Pipes and it was 31 years that Jim played the Pipes for George and Heather at their Wedding and she was sure George would have also been please.

The Exit Music. Unforgettable by Nat King Cole.

Heather and Family wish to thank everyone for their attendance today and would love you all to join them for refreshments at the Holiday Inn 107 Queensferry Road Edinburgh.

001.jpg Celtic Lodge Logo  The RWM Bro Alistair Easson Warden's and Brethren of the Celtic Lodge 291 will hold a Minutes silence at our next Regular Meeting. Bro W JR Boland PM Almoner LH.

Our thoughts are with Bro George's family and Friend's.


13 02 2017 Black Cross  In Memory of:

 Shining Star  Bro Norman Arthur Johnson PM 13th December 1938 – 31st January 2017.

(Nickname Nudge)

Bro Norman Arthur Johnston a Retired College Administrator.

001.jpg Celtic Lodge Logo  Bro Norman became an Affiliated Member of the Celtic Lodge E & L 291 1st October 1996 proposed by Bro David Hull and seconded by Bro Joseph R Archbold.

Bro Norman became RWM of the Celtic Lodge 291 for season 2000 – 2001.

Bro Norman travelled from his home Burnt House Blaydon 3 times a month for Lodge Meetings plus Visits to Sister Lodges.

Bro Norman was a MM of Tynecastle Lodge No 6317 Newcastle.

Highland Railway  He was also a Teacher Horticulturist Scout Leader and Steam Train enthusiast.

Norman Arthur Johnson was a representative and member of the Durham and Newcastle N A Johnson Bells.jpg 1  Bell Ringing Association 1984-1999. Norman gave very generously to Bell Ringing as this was one of his great loves and is very well known in the Bell Ringing community. 6 Bell Peels.

N A J 6  Order of Service Holy Cross Church Ryton:

Welcome Revd Tom Jamieson who said that in 2002 he and Norman met and planed his Funeral.

1st Hymn Ye holy angels bright, who wait at god’s hand. A Gathering Prayer.

Psalm 121 said with refrain. O Saviour of the world, who by thy cross and precious blood hast redeemed us, save us and help us, we humbly beseech thee O Lord.

Tribute 1 given by Mr Jim Crowther. Who spoke about Norman’s Love and time with the community Bell Ringing Singers and work with children.

Tribute 2 given by Bro Bill Gibson. Who spoke about Norman’s work in Freemasonry and his early life his father being a Gentleman’s Outfitter

Norman could always be seen wearing his beloved Tweed and smoking his Pipe. Like his old Steam Train.

2nd Hymn Now thank we all our God with heart and hands and voices, who wondrous things hath done, in whom his world rejoices;

The Bible Reading from Corinthians 15, Read by the Revd Olive Donnelly-Wood.


The Lord’s Prayer Our Father, which art in heaven.

3rd Hymn Thine be the Gory, risen, conquering son, endless is the victory thou o’er death has won;

Norman’s wishes that a collection for the young people in the districts of Ryton, Winlaton, Blaydon and Greenside be deposited as you leave.

Norman last words it’s not the end it is just the beginning.

Norman Arthur Johnson buried at Blaydon Cemetery.

Bro Norman had upwards of 100 Family Friends from Chorale Singers Bell Ringers Staff of St Oswald’s. Masonic Brethren from Scotland Celtic Lodge 291 England Lodges in and around Newcastle and NPGL Bro Norman was honoured by NPGL he was conferred with PPGW.

The Family welcomed all present to the West End Social Club, West Lane Winlaton.

alstair jpg 291  The RWM Bro Alistair Easson Warden's and Brethren of the Celtic Lodge E & L 291 will hold a Minutes silence at our next Regular Meeting. Bro W JR Boland PM Almoner LH.

Our thoughts are with Bro Norman’s family and Friend's.

 001.jpg Celtic Lodge Logo                    MINUTES OF REGULAR MEETING HELD WITHIN


TUESDAY 21st FEBRUARY 2017 AT 19.30 hrs



As per the Attendance Book.


The Rules and Bye Laws of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, PGLE and the Celtic Lodge being present on the Secretary’s table, Bro. Robert Mclean IPM opened the Lodge and extended a warm welcome to the Celtic Brethren and thanked them for their continued support. IPM Robert also welcomed visiting Brethren charging them to convey warmest fraternal greetings to their Mother Lodge at their earliest convenience.

Black Cross  Obituaries 

Bro. Robert’s first duty of the evening was to convey the sad passing to the Great Lodge Above of Bro. George Fraser PM and Bro. Norman Johnson PM.

Bro. W JR Boland PM Almoner said a few words relating to recently deceased Brethren. All were upstanding for a few moments in respect of departed Merit. Bro Boland said he would add his report to our Web Page.


Apologies were received on behalf of:

Bro. Alistair Easson RWM.

Bro. David Liddle PM Treasurer.

Bro. David Garthley PM.

Bro. John Riding.

Bro. Paul Duncan.


Several brethren gave details of visits.

In addition, Bro. Gordon Yeoman PM thanked the Celtic Brethren for their support at his recent installation as master of Kirkliston Maitland No 482.


A deputation from Lodge Abbotsford 937 was admitted, headed on this occasion by past master Bro. David Jamieson PM.

The following distinguished Brethren were presented

Bro. S. Swan PM.

Bro. A. Mitchell PM.

Bro. J. Fisher PM.

Bro. G. Ritchie PM.

In addition, Bro. D. Cowan MM was presented.

Deputation from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Edinburgh

A deputation headed by the Substitute Provincial Grand Master Bro. Bob Mitchell was admitted and presented to the IPM Bro. Robert Mclean.

Main Business

The main business of the evening was an exemplification of a Fellow of Craft Degree.

Portobello Lodge 226  Bro. Derek Scott of Lodge Portobello No 226 kindly acted as candidate.

Bro Gordon Yeoman PM proceeded to conduct the degree supported by the following Brethren :-

South East Corner Bro. Adrian Dymarkowski SD.

Tools Bro. Ryan Lockhart JD.

Tracing Board Bro. D. Black PM.

After the degree work concluded, both Bro. Adrian and Bro. Ryan were congratulated on their ritual by Bro. Gordon Yeoman PM and he thanked everyone else for their efforts.


The collection uplifted amounted to £57.00 for which the IPM thanked the Brethren.

Provincial Grand Lodge  Provincial Grand Lodge of Edinburgh

Bro. Robert McLean IPM passed the Gavel to SPGM Bro. Bob Mitchell, confirmed the loyalty of Celtic Lodge to the GLS and the Grand Master Mason Bro. Charles Iain R. Wolrige Gordon of Esslemont and PGLE

Bro.Bob requested the relevant Celtic Officers relinquish their chairs in favour of the PGLE brethren.

Bro. Bob explained to the assembled Brethren the purpose of his visit and proceeded to have the of PGLE acting Secretary read out the certificate confirm that Celtic Lodge Records had been carefully examined on January 27th 2017, these were found to comply with the requirements of the Constitution and Laws of Grand Lodge.

Bro. Bob requested the Brethren show their appreciation to the Brother Secretary, Treasurer and Almoner.

A short summary of the current activities being undertaken by PGLE was given. One of the important potential changes is the choice of sponsored charity. The PGM Bro. Norman Mcleod is recommending change in our Province’s nominated charity from Prostate Scotland to Motor Neuron Disease.   

The SPGM advising that he had completed his business of the evening requested the Celtic Brethren resume their offices.

Provincial Grand Lodge  Before retiring SPGM Bro. Bob Mitchell was presented with a cheque for in the sum of £400.00 for the PGLE nominated charity.



Bro. Robert Mclean IPM advised the brethren that a short Business meeting needed to be held and requested visitors to retire from the Chapel and participate in consuming the RWM’s generous hospitality down stairs in the Thistle room where the Celtic Brethren would join them shortly.

The Bro Secretary read out the suggested list of Office-bears for 2017-18. The following were those suggested

RWM.                         Bro David Garthley PM.

IPM.                            Bro. Alistair Easson PM.

Depute Master.           TBA @ Installation.

Substitute Master.       Bro David Black PM

Senior Warden.           Bro. David Swan PM.

Junior Warden.           Bro. Adrian Dymarkowski.

Secretary.                    Bro James Nicol

Treasurer.                    Bro Robert Mclean PM

Almoner.                     W JR Boland PM.

Senior Deacon.           Ryan Lockhart.

Junior Deacon.            TBA

Bible Bearer.               Bro. Paul Fraser.

Director of Ceremonies.         Bro. Gordon Yeoman PM.

Jeweller.                      Bro. David Hull PM.

Piper.                           Bro. James Fraser PM.

Inner Guard.               Bro. Howard Kahn.

President of Stewards.            TBA

Representative to PGLE.        Bro. Robert Mclean PM.

Auditors.                     Craig Associates

The final election of office bears would take place at the Regular Meeting in March.


Bro. Secretary read out a short letter from Bro. Liddle PM confirming his immediate resignation.

Bro. Secretary advised that RWM Alistair Easson had asked him to look after our books until the final meeting in April.


Bro. Secretary read out an application to join our Lodge from Mr. David Boland. Proposed Bro William JR Boland and RWM Bro. Alistair Easson. A committee of enquiry would be convened shorty and a ballot could take place at the March regular meeting.


The Minutes of the regular meeting held on the 20th December 2016 having previously been circulated to the Brethren by e-mail were approved in the usual Celtic Lodge manner.

Proposed by Bro. Robert Mclean IPM.

Seconded by Bro. W JR Boland PM.


There being no further business the Lodge was closed at 21:15 pm. 


05th and 09th March 2017

Report By Bro William JR Boland PM.

Britannia Minutes 1  Freemasonry Alive.

Dear Brethren Please find a report of the Minutes on Board the Britannia Cruise Ship by Bro W JR Boland PM Acting Secretary. 05 and 09 March 2017.

Please Let me know you have received this Email. Bill

FullSizeRender  M V Britannia Freemasonry afloat.

The Meeting was held after a notice was placed in the Horizon at the request of Bro Alan Prochl.

Britannia Minutes 1  Minutes of an informal meeting held in the Ivory Suite Deck 16 Forward. 3.30pm 05 March 2017.

Britannia Minutes 1  The Minute Book was obtained by Bro Alan Prochl Lodge 7695 E C.

Bro William JR Boland PM recorded minutes there was15 Brethren in attendance as follows.

Bro William JR Boland PM Almoner Lodge Historian Celtic Lodge E & L No 291 S C.

Bro Alan Prochl SW PM Past GS WKS.

Bro Gary Prosser IPM St John in Bedwardine No 7458 E C.

Bro Gluseppe Muratore SW St John in Bedwardine No 7458 E C.

Bro David Mills PM Copper-field Lodge No 9581 EC Suffolk.

Bro George EM Higgins MM Temperantia Lodge No 2854 EC Cumberland.

Bro Rodger Blanthorne PPRGSrwd PM Lodge of Science No 437 E C.

Bro Alan Dufton PM Lodge Norman No 1334 PPGJW Province of Durham.

Bro Rodger Williams PM Craig-yr.-Hesg Lodge No 6724 South Wales. PPGJW.

Bro Paul Cage PM Craig- yr.- Hess Lodge No 6724 South Wales PPGS of WKS.

Bro Les Livingstone PM Lodge Broughty Castle No 486 S C PGT HGT of GL Scotland.

Bro Peter Melville SW Dove Lodge No 8519 E C Staffordshire.

Bro Peter Smith PM Wychwood Lodge No 2414 E C Oxfordshire. PSGD.

Bro John Harris PM Athol Lodge No 74 Warks. PPSGW.

Bro Keith Acton PM Treasurer New Trinity Lodge No 4595 E C. East Lancs PPSG.

FullSizeRender  Bro Peter Smith PSGD who had happened to be on 14th March 2015 one of the Founder Members of the Britannia at the Inaugural meeting he said it was difficult to arrange such a meeting but the powers above made it happen the and the Ladies in their usual fashion sold the raffle tickets and organized the food and enticed the Brethren to donate some money to charity.


The main reason Freemasonry excises is to help in the community and if it was not of the generosity of the Brethren Freemasonry would not be what it Is to-day.


Bro Alan Dufton PPGJW gave some history of Freemasonry in the Province of Durham There are 12 Sister Lodges and between them they have 32 Candidates mainly Students from the University and Colleges.

Beamish Museum County Durham was re-built from bricks demolished Temple in Sunderland and is now a main attraction in the City it was opened in 2000 the Millennium year by The Grand Master Mason the Duke of Kent. The Museum and Temple is shown to the public by volunteer Brethren from the 12 Sister Lodges.


Bro Les Livingstone PGT and HGT gave a few stories of Freemasonry in Scotland.

Bro Gary Prosser IPM told us of a group of Masonic Brethren who go around various Lodges re-enacting an Initiation Degree from the 1800.


Bro William JR Boland PM spoke of the Celtic Lodge E &L 291 that they were a Tartan Lodge established in 1821 and still ware the Royal Stewart Tartan to-day.


The Brethren discussed the various Charities that Freemasonry contribute to the Britannia Ship on its Inaugural Maiden Cruise raise some £3,000.00 half going to RNLI and Masonic Charities.

FullSizeRender  Freemasonry has raised a staggering £300,000.00 on the various P &O Cruise Ships.


A round robin of various Freemasonry subjects continued for about 35 minutes the meeting closed at 4.45 pm. The Brethren agreed to meet at 11 am on Thursday 9th March for a Coffee and a chat.


Bro Alan Prochl gave the Britannia Freemasonry Minute Book to Bro W JR Boland who said he would record the minutes of our Meeting.


Bro William JR Boland PM Acting Secretary.


If any of the Brethren want to know more about the Celtic Lodge E & L 291 you can contact Bro William JR Boland (Bill) at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or you can visit our Web Page at

At the meeting on the 9th March 2017 There was 8 Brethren from the first Meeting plus 2 new Brethren as follows:

Bro Gordon Farquhar MM JW St Margaret’s Hope Lodge No 1184 Fife SC.

Bro Ronnie Thomson MM Airdrie Lodge Np 203 North Lanarkshire SC.


The Brethren shared Masonic stories.

FullSizeRender  The Brethren would like to thank P & O Britannia Freemasonry Afloat in continuing to support the Brethren by allowing them to hold these Masonic Meeting.


I will be adding this report to our Celtic Lodge E & L 291 Web Page so if any of the Brethren would like to add information about their Lodge or Freemasonry, please let me know at the above email or contact me through our Web Page. Bill.


For and behalf of all the Brethren who attended both Meetings aboard the Britannia Cruise Ship 05th and 09th March 2017.

001.jpg Celtic Lodge Logo  Bro William JR Boland PM Acting Secretary.


11th March 2017.

The Celtic Lodge E & L 291 Brethren are no strangers to being on board the Britannia at that time the Britannia was a Steam Ship. Report below as follows:

14th September 1850

Masonic Ship 1  The Following Brethren mustered this evening at 1/2 past 7 and formed themselves into a  P G L N  Deputation to Visit the Provincial Grand Lodge of Northumberland on Monday next in Newcastle upon Tyne in pursuance to the Minutes of the Lodge:-

Brother Andrew Murray Locum Tenens Past Master as Acting RWM.

Brother David Dobson as Acting Senior Warden.

Brother John Donaldson as Acting Junior Warden.

Brother John Tinsley as Treasurer.

Brother William Henry Augustus Fitz Strathern as Secretary.

Brother William Calder as Standard Bearer.

Brother William Ireland as Architect.

Brother Hugh Paterson as Poet Laureate.

Brother William Ferguson as Chaplain, sent a line that he would proceed by Railway.

Brother James Linklater as Senior Deacon.

 Brother Alexander Oliphant Petrie as Physician.

 Brother William Bryce.

Brother Angus Mac Swayed.

The Secretary intimated that he had just received a polite Letter of Apology from Bro Seton in Answer to one sent him yesterday regretting much that he could not join the Deputation for several reasons.

 1st He had not heard anything of the intended Visit from his Bro Officer and worthy Bro Mason Bro Fraser.

2nd Many of the Regiment were away attending Her Majesty.

3rd Bro Middleton on Duty in the Castle was seriously unwell.


Orders were given to the Tyler to pack up for the use of the Deputation their Clothing and Jewels in One of the Iron Boxes of the Lodge, which was done.


The Coach, being ready the Deputies present were driven to Leith Quay where they entered the Britannia Steamer and set Sail for Newcastle at 1/4 past 9 pm, with a fair wind, and fine mild Night.


15th September 1850

Celtic Lodge Edinburgh and Leith 291 on the Roll of the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

Deputation to Newcastle Upon-Tyne.

Masonic Ship 1  On Sunday Morning the 15th September 1850, the Celtic Lodge, Deputation arrived safe on the Tyne at ¼ to 9am , and landed in view of the marvellous High Level Bridge at Steamers Wharf.


Where at the main Top mast of a large ship a Masonic Flag with Compass and Square floated in the breeze, and a piece of Ordnance was then Fired in Honour of the Celtic Deputation.

Ships CannonAs all labour on the active Manufacturing Banks of the Tyne had been suspended on the Lords Day, no noise was heard at that Hour unless the loud roar of the Cannon's in echoing welkin which soon attracted the crowds, who ran towards the Britannia Steamer.


There was in waiting Sheriff John and a select number of Brother Masons, to welcome and conduct the Celtic Deputies ashore.

alt  At this stirring moment Brother Angus Mc Swayed the Celtic Lodge Great Bag Piper, became so elevated that he requested leave to play the stirring Music of the Campbell's are coming, or the Blue Bonnets over the Borders, But Right Worshipful Master Brother Andrew Murray would not allow the Sound of the Pipes to be heard out of respect to the Sabbath, tho' the crowd would not have objected.


The party selected the George Hotel and Brother Carmen a Belgian in Pilgrim Street to put them up.


The Mayor of Gateshead took Brother Murray away in his Carriage as his guest.


On Monday the 16th September-After dinner, the several Members of the Celtic Deputation made preparations for their important visit to the:-

P G L N  Provincial Grand Lodge of Northumberland, by Clothing and decorating themselves in their Masonic Uniforms; the Secretary Made a list of the Deputies as follows:-

Brother Andrew Murray.

Brother George Hawks.

Brother David Dobson.

Brother John Tinsley.

Brother William Henry Agustus Fitz Strathern.

Brother William Calder.

Brother William Ireland.

Brother John Donaldson.

Brother John Taylor, George Street,

Brother. Robert Lister.

Brother James Linklater.

Brother Angus Mc Swayed.

Brother Hugh Paterson.

Brother William Ferguson.

Brother Alexander Oliphant Petrie.

Brother William Bryce.


It may perhaps be proper to mention that the Number of the Celtic Deputies could have been increased if necessary as there were several excellent Celtic Lodge Members residing in Newcastle, Natives of Scotland, and were initiated into the Celtic Lodge, but have since been affiliated into Lodge of Newcastle.


Brother Dobson and Brother Peterson contributed much to the harmony and Sociality of the Brethren, as well as to the Honour of the Deputation, by the one singing some Comical Scotch songs and at the same time acting inimically the ludicrous characters of his Comedies which drew froth bursts of Laughter and applause, the other by singing several sweet melodies, such as Katlin Mavournin.


It may not be improper also to mention that the health's of Brothers Tinsley, Dobson, Ireland and Strathern, were respectively given from the Grand Chair, and each of these Brethren returned thanks, which may be truly summed up in these few words.


Brother Tinsley after modestly stating his Military Services that had been kindly noticed he spoke highly of Masonic principles.


Brother Dobson said that he never felt more delighted in all his days, and from the happiness he now witnessed between English and Scotch, he believed that the Prophecy of Robert Burns would soon come to pass when Man to Man would be Brothers a'l round the World.


Brother Ireland deserved praised the beautiful Architectural Buildings of Newcastle, which he said far surpassed his utmost expectations from what he had heard of them. He also paid compliment to his English Brethren for their attention and kindness to the Deputation.

Queen Victoria 2  Brother Strathern, Said Many of Queen Victoria's, Royal Uncles had been Members of the Craft, and that some of greatest Members of the Last and present generation had also been Masons, such as:-





Dr Harvey Late Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, who had that great Honour to Baptised, and Married Her Majesty.

alt  The Celtic Brethren retired after spending one of the most memorable Deputations in the History of the Lodge, and hoped the Mystic fraternal Brothers would meet soon.

P G L N  The PGM wished the Scotch Brethren a save journey Home. 

An extract from local news Paper on the Grand Masonic meeting in England.

P G L N  On Monday 16th September 1850 the Provincial Grand Lodge of Northumberland held a Pro-re-nata meeting in Newcastle Upon-Tyne for the special purpose of receiving and entertaining a Masonic deputation sent from the Celtic Lodge of Edinburgh and Leith in compliment to the English Brotherhood for their Fraternal visit in the year 1848 to their brethren in the Metropolis of Scotland.

P G L N  The Provincial Grand Lodge mustered strong on the occasion there being present Six Lodge No’s 24,26, 56,586,614,706,793.

33rd Regiment  Exclusive of several gallant officers of the 33rd regiment now on duty in Newcastle and brethren from London, Durham, Denmark, Brussels, America.


Who being engaged in commercial pursuits on the banks of the Tyne came forward to honour their Tartan brethren from over the Borders?


In absence of the Most Worshipful Grand Master Mason Brother William Loraine Esquire as Deputy Provincial Grand Master presided while Richard Metcalf Esquire of Shields and William Punstron Esquire of Newcastle acted as Worshipful Grand Wardens.


There were present other dignitaries and gentlemen of wealth and Influence and Public Station:-

P G L N  alt  Brother George Hawks Esquire the Mayor of Gateshead also an affiliate Member of the Celtic Lodge and RW PM The Rev Dr Muckerage Vicar of St Andrews Grand Chaplain Ions Esquire, High Sheriff RW PP and the following RWM of Lodges viz

Brother Baker, 

Brother Berkeley,

Brother Beldon, 

Brother Pattison,

Brother Dalziel,

Brother Todd.


The Grand Members having been arrayed in their splendid Mystic clothing representing the seven liberal arts adorned with:

Brotherly Love,


Peace and Charity.

P G L N  The Provincial Grand Lodge was duly opened according to the Ancient rites and ceremonies of the distinguished order.

alt  The Celtic Deputation properly clothed in Royal Stewart Tartan embellished the jewelled badges of their respective offices.

alt Accompanied by their Highland Guardsman and their great Bag Piper Brother Angus Mc Swayed whose well tuned instrument poured forth the stirring mountain music, to which in other days King Malcolm Caymore and other Masonic Monarchs of the North may have marched in hostile intent against the very Town where the National Pipe and drone now only discoursed high notes of peace amidst smiling Englishmen sworn Brothers.


In due time the Celtic Brethren were admitted into the Provincial Grand Lodge they were welcomed with Masonic Honours.

P G L N  Brother Loraine, from his Masonic Grand Chair of State, then delivered an eloquent speech. After apologising for the unavoidable and regretted absence of the M.W.G.M.


He said that it was highly gratifying to him to have the felicity and unexpected Honour to preside at their festive board on this memorable occasion, in the Provincial Grand Lodge of Northumberland.


When his Brethren on both sides of the Tweed had met, for the first time on record, on English ground, to follow on the principles of their high order, which link Men and Nations with a heart-felt earnestness the conciliates the sympathy of all. From a sincere conviction that the elements of the fraternity contained a superlative means of promoting the reputation it had gained all over the World, he had Forty years ago joined the apron advocates of peace and harmony, and had served in all the Masonic Offices from the lowest Degrees to that of the Highest pinnacle of preferment, and he never had occasion to regret being made a Member of the Mystic Tye.

Lodge Charity 051  The exalted precepts of Masonry are worship to the Supreme Being Allegiance to sovereign's attachment to Science, Love to the Brethren, and Charity to all Mankind.


An assembly of this sort is the only neutral ground where all ranks can associate without degradation, where social intercourse can be kept up without the Prince compromising his high rank and Honour, or the lowly peasant forgetting his moral duties of respectful obedience to his superiors.


The advantages of Masonry are many to alter of freedom is within its gates, and tranquillity and harmony reign in its assemblies.


The Craft being opposed to sacrificial war, the adamantine foundation of kindness and love, perfumed by moral and religious observances, has been carefully laid deep in the hearts of the Brotherhood, which is the cause why Masonry has flourished, and still survives in all its pristine glory, while many powerful empires and kingdoms have ceased to exist, and are now only known by name.


Hence the venerable order of Masonry, which sprung from the highest source, and has withstood for countless ages the wicked assaults of its malevolent enemies, without having recourse to pugnacious modes of defence, is worthily entitled to the admiration and respect of society in general, and to the patronage and encouragement of Monarchs and other rulers in particular. (Applause)

Queen Victoria 2  With these few remarks, he called on the Brethren to dedicate a flowing bumper to their beloved Queen Victoria, the daughter of a most excellent Freemason. This toast was unanimously responded to, accompanied with vocal and instrumental Music.

United Grand Lodge of England  Grand Lodge of Scotland Crest  Grand Lodge of Ireland  The usual leading Masonic toasts to each of the Three Grand Lodges of England, Scotland, and Ireland, in the Earl of Zetland, The Duke of Athole, and the Duke of Leinster.


The ruling toast of the evening was given from the Chair in Honour of the RWM, and the brethren of the Celtic Lodge.

P G L N  Brother Loraine said that he was proud to see within the walls of the Provincial Grand Lodge, so large a Deputation of the Celtic Lodge of Edinburgh and Leith. It was the First visit of a constituted public body from the Kingdom of Scotland, that had crossed the Borders since the last Union between the Two countries had been made by the Railway Bridge of Berwick-upon-Tyne, and he sincerely hoped that the bright example would be followed by reciprocal visits of other Lodges from both countries, as he was persuaded that such harmonious intercourse would annihilate any remnants of ancient prejudices, foster the glorious revolution of liberal sentiment, and thereby ultimately lead the general improvement of society and prosperity of the United Kingdom.(Applause)


It afforded him great pleasure to announce that, in consequence of this Masonic visit, the Grand Lodge had resolved, on the first favourable opportunity, to repay the compliment, by sending a Deputation of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Northumberland, to the Royal City of Edinburgh, and that the Provincial Grand Master would then head the visiting Brethren.


He now called on the Brethren to dedicate "a full cup of fraternal love and respect to their Celtic Brethren, with best wishes for their health, prosperity, and safe return to their happy country, the land of literature, liberty, valour, and all that was good and great." (Great Applause)

alt The RWM Brother Andrew Murray, on the part of the Celtic Lodge, returned thanks for the Honour done them on this happy occasion, which would never be effaced from their memories. He could assure his English Brethren that their Brethren in Scotland entertained the highest respect for them, and, therefore he hoped that many happy visits would hereafter be interchanged between the two countries, which might be productive of much good to the Craft, as well as to society in general.


The Scottish Brethren are comparatively poor, as they have not the abundant riches of their fortunate wealthy Brethren in England, but they yield to none is the point of Brotherly Love, Honour, and hospitality, and therefore he only spoke the sentiments of the Celtic Brethren when he assured them that they will be proud to see a Deputation of the Grand Lodge of Northumberland in Edinburgh, in order that they may have an opportunity to testify in deeds more that words can express, their high sense of gratitude for the fraternal obligations which have been conferred on them since their arrival in England. (Applause,)


The health of the M.W.G.M. was then given by Brother Murray with Highland Honours, amidst great cheering, and was enthusiastically responded to. Brother Loraine returned thanks.


The next toast was- "Brother Hawks, as an excellent Mason, and as Mayor of Gateshead." Intercourse of an eloquent reply, he stated that 28 years ago he was made a Mason in Guernsey; and though he could not lay the flattering unction to his soul that he had done much for the Craft, yet, as a Member of the Ancient Order, he had on every occasion endeavoured to do all the good he could for its interests.

Shining Star  In former times Masonry shone like a bright star in the East and was of essential use in opposing rapine, crime, and turbulence when ignorance, slavery, and cruelty unhappily darkened the land, but education had since made such progress that Masonry is not now considered of so vast importance; although it is still a grand field for the exercise of philanthropy.

The Border Battle  During the periods of Border feuds, his valorous ancestors took a national pride to fight against the Scotch, and occasionally bore away the trophies of the day; but better times have arrived. Freebooting invasions have given place to the performances of moral duties and social intercourse; the two nations had been almost fused into one; and such was the influence which Masonic principles had upon him that, having been made in Edinburgh, a Celtic Member, he preferred wearing, on this extraordinary occasion, the matchless Royal livery of that Lodge.

P G L N  He felt great delight in being present in the Provincial Grand Lodge, and joining in the harmony and cordiality of the Brethren from both sides of the Tweed. Touching the compliment paid to him as Mayor, it was his duty, like officers in the Army, Navy, and Police, to maintain discipline and order, and it was a source of happiness to him to hear his magisterial services so much extolled; but truth compelled him to confess that, though he got all the Honour, his worthy Brother Ions had done most of the work in his official capacity as Sheriff, and therefore he was justly entitled to a share of the eulogium.


The next toast given was "The Worshipful Provincial Grand Wardens," when Brother Medcalf made an able speech in commendations of Scotland, which he said, was looked upon as the cradle of Masonry, and the unconquerable land of civil and religious liberty, where the Bible, which teaches our duty on Earth and our way to heaven, is not only to be found in every Man's house, but in his heart also.


Many other toasts were given and able speeches delivered, during the entertainment.

The Provincial Grand Lodge was closed with usual Masonic ceremonies.


A small Report from a Paper of that time, no Name of the News Paper.

High Level Bridge Gateshead  On the arrival of the Celtic Lodge Deputation in Newcastle, a cannon was fired, and at their departure, they were followed for several miles by many of their English Brethren, while the multitude, attracted by the novelty of the scene, and the sound of the Bag Pipes, rent the air with their hearty cheers.

alt  The Deputation enjoyed a pleasant journey in going and returning, the weather proved propitious during the day, and the Moon by Night shed her mild beams from a cloudless Sky.


The Newcastle Masonic Meeting will be remembered by all who had the good fortune to be present.


In Honour of this accomplished Mason, One of the English Lodges is Named Lodge De Loraine, No 793.


27th 03 2017

60th Anniversary Certificate Presentation to Bro James Bathgate PM.

alstair jpg 291  The RWM Bro Alistair Easson PM Wardens and Brethren of the Celtic Lodge E & L 291 would like to congratulate Bro James Bathgate PM on reaching the milestone of his 60th Anniversary in Freemasonry.

The RWM Bro Alistair Easson PM attended St Leonards Newington Lodge No 1283 assisted by the Following Brethren:

Bro David Garthley PM ME.

Bro David Black PM.

Bro Robert Redpath PM Secretary.

Bro William JR Boland PM Almoner LH.  

On the occasion, of the 60th Diamond Anniversary of Bro James Bathgate PM PSPGM of Provincial Grand Lodge of Edinburgh and HM being initiated into Freemasonry.

Bro James Bathgate was Initiated into St Leonards Newington Lodge No 1283 on 14 03 1957.

Bro James worked his way around the floor of the Lodge and was honoured when the Members of the Lodge bestowed upon him the highest accolade of the RWM of St Leonards Lodge No 1283 in Nov 1974.

Bro James Bathgate was made an H.M of the following Sister Lodges:

St David’s Lodge No 36. St Andrew’s Lodge No 48. Waverley Lodge No 597. Solomon Lodge No 1209. Masjid-I-Suleman Lodge No 1324 and The Celtic Lodge E & L Lodge No 291.

Bro James was a Founder Member of Friendship Lodge No 1712 on 5th August 1976.

Bro James became an Affiliate Member and Past Master Canongate Kilwinning Lodge No 2.

The RWM of St Leonards Lodge No 1283 Bro John House gave all the visitors a very warm welcome in to the Temple.

Bro John is also PM of The Rifle Lodge No 405.

St Leonards Lodge were working an exemplification of a First Degree and on this occasion the Candidate was:

Bro Anthony (Tony) Martin PM Caledonian Uganda Lodge No 1389.

Bro Anthony’s Mother Lodge is St Leonard’s 1283.

The Bro DOC presented a Deputation from Waverley Lodge No 597 headed by RWM Bro John McLean.

Provincial Grand Lodge  The Bro DOC then made a report that a Deputation from the PGL of Edinburgh headed by:

WPGM Bro Norman McLeod assisted by:

WPPGM Bro Alexander B McLachlan.

WPPGM Bro Bob Tait.

WSPGM Bro Bob Mitchell.

WSPGM Bro Angus Mackinnon.

Bro James Beechman RWM of Waverley Lodge No 579 was made an HM of St Leonards Lodge No 1283 and was congratulated by the Brethren.

Bro James Bathgate PM was presented to the East the RWM Bro John House and WPGM Bro Norman McLeod came to the floor of the Lodge and presented Bro James Bathgate PM with his well-deserved 60th Diamond Anniversary Certificate to the applause of the Brethren.

Bro James thanked the RWM and WPGM and Brethren for his presentation.

The RWM Bro John and Bro James were at the entrance to the Lodge to allow the Brethren to congratulate Bro James Bathgate personally.

001.jpg Celtic Lodge Logo  RWM Bro Alistair Easson PM thanked the Celtic Lodge Brethren for supporting him on such a prestigious evening.  

Bro W JR Boland PM LH.


21 04 2017

21st April 2017. 70th Anniversary.

001.jpg Celtic Lodge Logo  IMG 8590 2  The 70th Anniversary of the Celtic Lodge E & L 291 and The Eldon Lodge 3187 Newcastle Upon Tyne.

alstair jpg 291  The Evening began with the opening of the Celtic Lodge E & L 291 RWM Bro Alistair Easson PM welcomed the Celtic Brethren and thanked them for their continued support and gave a very warm welcome to the visiting Brethren and asked them to covey the warm and fraternal greeting from the Celtic Lodge to their Mother Lodges at their earliest convenience.

IMG 8590 2  The Brother DOC Presented a Deputation from the Eldon Lodge 3187 headed by their Worshipful Master Bro Ronald Woods and 10 of the Eldon Lodge Brethren. Bro Alistair gave them a very warm welcome into the Temple and invited them to the East or to find a seat in the body of the Lodge.

001.jpg Celtic Lodge Logo  The Celtic Lodge were not working a Degree as this was the 70th Anniversary of both Lodges so the RWM opened the Lodge in due and solemn form and then closed the Lodge in the same fashion the Brethren were then invited down to the Harmony Hall for the evening of festivity.

The evening was a night wi’ Burns and Scottish Music and Entertainment organised by Bro Gordon Jamieson.

Bag Piper 3  The Haggis was then Piped in with Ian S Wilson David Collins carried in the Haggis Bro William JR Boland PM carried in the Crossed bottles of the finest Scotch Mist Grouse Whiskey.

Bro Gordon Jamieson then gave the address to the Haggis which was well received by the company.

alstair jpg 291  RWM Bro Alistair Easson PM then gave the Selkirk Grace

Some hae meet, and canna eat.

and some wad eat that want it.

But we hae meet and we can eat.

And sae the Lord be thankit.

Followed by the Toast to the Queen and the Craft.

The Visitors Guests and Celtic Brethren were as follows:

001.jpg Celtic Lodge Logo  IMG 8590 2  Top Table RWM Bro Alistair Easson PM Celtic Lodge Bro Ronald Woods WM Eldon Lodge Bro Robert McLean IPM and his good Lady Wife. David Garthley PM also with his good Lady Wife. Bro Robert Redpath PM

Others include the following:

William JR Boland PM 291.               Elizabeth Boland Guest.

Paul Rhumhor Fraser 291.                Aolom Pietizah Guest.

Thomas Andrew Oliver 937.

Tom Wood 405                                  June Wood Guest.

Fred Heatherill Guest.                      Richard William Boa Guest.

Douglas Lockhart Guest.                  Grace Lockhart Guest.

Ryan Lockhart 291.                          Claire Smail Guest.

Andrew Holehouse 2.                       Rhoda Holehouse Guest.

Moray Brown 2.                                 Susan Brown Guest.

Peter Murgatroyd 9609C.                 Neil Mackinnon Guest.

Charlie Liddle 223.                           James Bathgate 2 1283 HM 291.

Howard Kahn 291.                            Valerie Kahn Guest.

Lorena Fuentes Guest.

Adrian Dymarkkowski 291.              Katerzyna Dymarkowski Guest.

Honorata Kataizyno Fudali-Pietrzak Guest.

Arthur Owen Hazel 291.                   James and Linda McKay Guests.

IMG 8590 2  Eldon Brethren and Wife’s. Headed by WM Brother Ronald Woods.

Richard Philips 3187.                        Elizabeth Philips Guest.

Nigel Dodds 3187.                            Valgrve Dodds Guest.

Jeffrey Drapg 3187.                          Patricia Drapg Guest.

Richard Muffit 3187.                         Lorraine Bullock Guest.

Alistair Philips 3187.                        Colin Robson 3187.

Irene Robson Guest.

Jeffrey Bell 3187.                    Thomas Celcesper 3187.

Ray W Bell 3187.                     Keith Thompson 3187.


Gordon Jamieson 291. Poem.           Bob Henderson Ragged Glory.

Jim Shields 1. Immortal Memory               Ian S Wilson Piper Lament.

Jim Weatherston Ragged Glory.                May Weatherston Ragged Glory.

Bob Henderson Scottish Poems Toast to the Lasses.

The group of entertainers continued the evening Singing many songs and reciting many of the great Bard’s Stories Poem’s and Songs. The Piper Played a Melody of Scottish Tunes.

The Supper and Main Meal Cooked and served by David Collins and 2 of his Staff as follows:

The Supper Haggis Neeps with chappit Tatties Starter.

Stake Pie with all the trimmings Main Course.

Biscuits/Oatcakes and Cheese followed by Tea and Coffee.

alstair jpg 291  The RWM Bro Alistair Easson PM in his Toast to the Eldon Lodge gave a resume of the History of the link between both the Celtic Lodge and The Eldon Lodge when 2 Brethren 1 from Scotland Celtic Lodge and 1 from England Eldon Lodge met at a Sister Lodge Meeting and thought it would be a good idea for both Lodges to visit each other and in the course of the Year 1947 the Eldon Lodge visited the Celtic Lodge in April and in the November of the same Year 1947 the Celtic Lodge returned the visit to the Eldon Lodge and has remained unbroken over the next 70 Years 2017. Bro Alistair called upon WM Bro Ronald Woods for his reply.

IMG 8590 2  WM Bro Ronald in his reply thanked the Celtic Brethren for the welcome into the Temple and the equally warm welcome to the Harmony and festive board and he remembers the last meeting in November 2016 when the Celtic Lodge visited Eldon Lodge when a lecture on WW11 was given and the Harmony was such a great night with 2 of the Eldon Brethren playing many song into the late night.

Bro Ronald also thanked the Celtic Lodge for the wonderful entertainment and the Meal something that we English are not use to.

IMG 8590 2  Bro Colin Robson IPM Eldon Lodge them presented the Celtic Lodge with a Scottish Quaich engraved commemorating the 70th Anniversary of our visitations and with a fine Bottle Whiskey with the same. Bro Alistair Easson PM said he was very proud to except these gifts on behalf of the Celtic Lodge and the Brethren.

The raffle was drawn and many prizes were won by the Members and Guests all to the delight of those who donated them.

Bro Robert McLean IPM. Gave the Toast to the Chairman and Artists

With the evening coming to an end Bro Alistair asked everyone to be upstanding and clasp hands together Singing the Star of Robert Burns followed by Singing Auld Lang Syne.

alstair jpg 291  The evening being over the RWM Bro Alistair wished everyone a safe journey home.

IMG 8590 2  W B Colin Robson SW Eldon Lodge No 3187 E-mail of 27 04 2017.

Hi Bill On behalf of the Eldon Brethren, their Ladies & other guests I would like to thank the Celtic Lodge for the lovely Burn's evening we had on the 21st. The food and drink entertainment were excellent as was the hospitality and the friendship from all the Celtic Brethren and indeed from everyone there we look forward to seeing you all in November.

Yours fraternally Worshipful Brother Colin Robson on behalf of the Worshipful Master Brother Ronald Woods Wardens Brethren all.

Bro W JR Boland PM LH.


United Grand Lodge of England  001.jpg Celtic Lodge Logo  09th-11th May 2017. Visit to United Grand Lodge of England. From some of The Celtic Lodge E & L No 291

alstair jpg 291  The RWM Brother Alistair Easson PM headed a Brotherly visitation to United Grand Lodge of England it was made known to the Brother Secretary that the following Brethren had put their name forward.

RWM Alistair Easson PM.

David Black PM.

Robert Redpath PM.

Robert McLean PM.

William JR Boland PM LH.

Adrian Dymarkowski SW.

David Hull PM.

The Brethren made their own arrangements to book their accommodation and Transport as it happened we all booked into the President Hotel which is a contemporary Hotel in a classic Bloomsbury setting overlooking London’s famous Russell Square.

Russell Square 1   Russell Square is named after the Earl’s and Duke of Bedford in the 17th and 18th Century beginning at Covent Gardens (Bedford Street) Russell Square was formed when the Plans of the Streets were laid out it has a large garden near the University of London next to the British Museum.

There is a Blue Plaque Commemorating T S Eliot who worked near the west end corner when he was poetry editor with Faber & Faber.

There is a shelter built in Russell Square in 1875 known as the Cabmen’s shelter for the Drivers of the Hansom Cabs and later Hackney Carriages this is one of 13 such shelter that still exist and are all grade 2 listed.

Russell Square 1   A fountain was installed in 2002 after the re-landscaping.

On the 7th July 2005 2 terrorist bombings occurred near the square also the site of a mass stabbing in 2016 when 6 people were stabbed 1 fatally. There is a plaque at an Oak Tree in remembrance.

On the first evening the Brethren made their own entertainment some went to a Stage Show while others took in the London sights.

Front Of Freemasons Hall   After breakfast on Wednesday the 10th of May 2017 the Brethren headed to United Grand Lodge of England to take in a prearranged 11am Tour organised by Brother Robert Redpath PM.

The Brethren arrived at United Grand Lodge of England at 10.50 when they were met by Brother Eyns Coggles our Tour Guide there were other people on the Tour from different parts of the World.

7 Members from the Celtic Lodge E & L No 291.

UGLE 22   UGLE 16   UGLE 17   UGLE 18   UGLE 19   UGLE 21   UGLE 20  Brother Enys

4 members of the same family Mother Father Son & Daughter from Asia 2 from America 4 from different Countries.

There were MenWoman and children on the Tour.

UGLE 42   The Tour guide Brother Eyns Coggles took us around Library and Museum the Library contains a comprehensive collection of every printed books and manuscripts on every fact off Freemasonry in England and from all over the World including Scotland Ireland and Wales.

The Collection includes Masonic Music, Poetry and Literature with a great number of notable examples of fine 18th and 19th Century bindings.

The Museum contains an extensive collection of objects from the 4 quarters of the Globe with Masonic decoration including pottery, porcelain, Glassware, Silver, Furniture, Clocks, Jewels and Regalia.

Items belonging to famous and Royals, including Edward the VII, Winston Churchill are on display.

The Museum has an extensive collection of Prints, Engravings, Photographs, Paintings and Ephemera. The collection explores the different Ranks, Offices and branches of Freemasonry.

There is also a large collection of items of non-Masonic fraternal societies such as the Oddfellows and the Sons of the Phoenix.

It explains some of the Symbolism used and the Charitable Work set up to help members of the community.

UGLE 37   UGLE 38   UGLE 41   UGLE 39   UGLE 42   UGLE 40   UGLE 32   UGLE Angle

United Grand Lodge of England  The History of the Grand Masonic Hall or Freemasons Hall headquarters of the United Grand Lodge of England and Supreme Grand Chapter of the Royal Arch Masons of England since 1775 there has been three Masonic buildings on this site the classic Art Deco Style is regularly used by Film and Television companies on location.

UGLE 1   Prior to 1717 there were Freemasons Lodges in Scotland, Ireland with the earliest known admission of non-operative masons in London Lodges met in the Westminster Lodge  and held a joint Dinner at the Goose and Gridiron Alehouse in ST Paul’s Churchyard elected  Anthony Sayer to the Chair as the Grand Master Mason and called themselves the Grand Lodge of London and Westminster. A Blue Plaque erected near the location.

UGLE 33   A competition was held to design the Building and Grand Hall the winning design was by Thomas Sandby RA an English Draughtsman private secretary to the Duke of Cumberland.

The title of Grand Architect was conferred on him by the Freemasons.

Thomas Sandby design a carved Oak alter-screen for St George’s Chapel Winsor Castle.

Black Cross  UGLE 35   The War Memorial in the Vestibule to the Grand Temple contains the Names of the fallen Brethren who have gone to the Grand Lodge above.

Brother Eyns Coggles Tour Guide then led us to the Grand Temple where during the working of a Degree the Grand Master Mason the Honourable Duke of Kent may preside.

Brother Enys used the youngest visitor to demonstrate by one finger how easy it was too open the Bronze doors each weighing 1 and a quarter Tonnes (1275.059 KGs) to the entrance to Grand Lodge Chamber.

UGLE Temple Hall 3  Which is 123 feet (37m) Long 90 Feet Wide (27m) Wide 62 Feet (19m) High capable of seating 1,700 Brethren.

UGLE 29    UGLE 30   UGLE 32   UGLE 31   UGLE 29                       The celling cove is of Masonic work with figures and symbols from Masonic Ritual which includes Figures representing the Four Cardinal Virtues – Prudence, Temperance, Fortitude and Justice- the Arms of Prince Arthur the Duke of Connaught and Strathearn second son of Her Majesty Queen Victoria Grand Master Mason 1901-1939 who suggested the building of the Masonic Peace Memorial.

The Secret of the Solomon’s Pillars from the 2 illustrious Kings responsible for the planning and building of the Temple and the winding stair case to the middle chamber.

Brother Enys explained the Pillars with Celestial and Terrestrial Globes, Lily Work and Pomegranates denote unity, peace. Brother Enys then played the Grand Organ.

UGLE 34   The Large pipe organ was installed by the leading British Organ Builders Henry Willis (nicknamed Father Willis) and Sons. Who have installed many Organs in major Cities throughout the UK.

There is a further 23 Masonic Temples.

UGLE 33   To the surprise of the Celtic Brethren Brother Enys invited 1 of the guests to sit on the chair of Solomon, the Grand Master Mason’s magnificent chair. He then explained the Ceiling and surrounding border made from 1” Mosaic Squares, Euclid and Pythagoras, Solomon and Hiram, George and the Dragon, Hercules, Justice, Fortitude, Prudence and Temperance in stunning Colour.

Brother Enys our tour guide invited the remainder of the guests to sit on the Grand Masters Chair, the tour being over the visitors gave Brother Enys their very heartfelt thanks for the way he explained the tour.

Brother Enys Coggles then invited to explore the Library and Museum.

Templar Church 22   Templar Church 14   Templar Church 4   Templar Church 8   Templar Church 9   Templar Church 10   Templar Inner Temple 3     Templar Church 12   Templar Church 19   London Inns of Court  middle temple hall  Tempe Church 1  Templar Church 17   Templar Church 7   Temple Church Temple London EC4 Effigy of a knight 1223117  Templar Inner Temple 4   Templar 5 Mantle Cross 500 Banner 500x488  Templar Church 16   Templar Church 2  Templar Inner Temple 3

The Knights Templar and Temple Hall Inner Temple London.

Hugues de Paynes  The History of the Knights Templar began when French Nobleman Hughes De Paynes the Founder and first Grand Master of the Order 1128.

Covent Gardens   The Brethren then walked to Covent Gardens and enjoyed some of the music being played.

Imperial War 29   Imperial War 8   Imperial War 19   Imperial War 14   Imperial War 13   Imperial War 10   Imperial War 12   Imperial War 20   Imperial War 28   Imperial War 23   Next stop was the Imperial War Museum where we spent 2 ½ to 3 hours taking in the historic conflicts involving our brave Military Mem and Woman. At the end, Brother Adrian treated the Brethren to a Cup of Tea or Coffee and a Cake. The Brethren then did their own thing for a few hours but decided to meet up later to share a meal together.

After Breakfast, next day it was a day of shopping or taking in the London sights.

British Museum 1   British Museum 4   British Museum 7   British Museum 6  British Museum 5   Imperial War 26   Eden 5   Cenotaph  London Eye 1   Shell Car   Cleopatra 1   Soho 2   Eden 6   Fith Beatle   Between them the Brethren visited Tait Gallery British Museum Victoria and Albert Museum Cenotaph Cleopatra's Needle London Eye West Minister Abbey House of Parliament Tower Bridge Tower of London Portobello Road Abbey Road Oxford Street Soho before it was time to make their journey home.

Speaking to all the Brethren we all agreed the visit to UGLE and our trip to London was very successful.

Bro W JR Boland PM LH.

Recent seasonal exhibitions have included one on the subject of Masonic Dining (July to September 2008), and another celebrating the Centenary of the Order of Women Freemasons (June to December 2008). The current exhibition in the Library for 2016, is on the Royal Masonic Hospital, while the main exhibition is '300 Years of Freemasonry' in recognition of the Order's tercentenary in 2017. Admission to seasonal exhibitions is free.


The Bro Secretary read out the suggested list of Office-bears for 2017-18. The following were those suggested

RWM.                         Bro David Garthley PM.

IPM.                            Bro. Alistair Easson PM.

Depute Master.           TBA @ Installation.

Substitute Master.       Bro David Black PM

Senior Warden.           Bro. David Swan PM.

Junior Warden.           Bro. Adrian Dymarkowski.

Secretary.                    Bro James Nicol

Treasurer.                    Bro Robert Mclean PM

Almoner.                     W JR Boland PM.

Senior Deacon.           Ryan Lockhart.

Junior Deacon.            TBA

Bible Bearer.               Bro. Paul Fraser.

Director of Ceremonies.         Bro. Gordon Yeoman PM.

Jeweller.                      Bro. David Hull PM.

Piper.                           Bro. James Fraser PM.

Inner Guard.               Bro. Howard Kahn.

President of Stewards.            TBA

Representative to PGLE.        Bro. Robert Mclean PM.

Auditors.                     Craig Associates

The final election of office bears would take place at the Regular Meeting in March.



THE CELTIC LODGE on Tuesday 3rd of October 2017 at 19.30 hrs

Bro. David Garthley R.W.M. presiding.

Welcome Comments.

The Master welcomed all those who attend which was his first Committee Meeting of his year.


Brothers. Gordon Yeoman P.M. David Swan, Bob Redpath P.M., Adrian Dymarkowski, David Hull P.M, Ryan Lockhart.


Brothers. Sid Yeoman P.M, Alistair Eason P.M., David Black P.M. William JR Boland P.M., Robert McLean P.M. (Treasurer) Jim Nicol (Secretary) Howard Kahn.


Discussion was had around the importance that this was our first live candidate for some time and added to the fact that the candidate was a younger Brother of Bill Boland P.M. Mr David Boland.

The degrees team

Obligation       Bro. D. Garthley R.W.M

Pillars              Bro. D. Garthley R.W.M

Secrets            Bro. D. Garthley

Apron              Bro. D. Swan W.S.W

N.E. Corner     Bro. R McLean P.M. Treasurer

Tools                Bro. A. Dymarkowski W.J.W

Charter            Bro. D. Swan W.S.W,

Mode of Prep  Bro. D. Swan W.S.W

Charge            Bro. G. Yeoman P.M. D.O.C

Highland Dress

It was raised as a point for discussion that, as The Celtic Lodge in the old Lodge Constitution had stated that the Lodge was to be considered a Highland Lodge and made it compulsory that all office-bearers wear Highland Dress, supplied at their own expense.

After a lengthy discussion, it was agreed that this was no long practical and may be a barrier to Brethren taking office. The cost to the Lodge to provide Highland dress was deemed too expensive as the dress could not be passed easily on to new office-bearers in the event of someone leaving office.

Eldon Visit

Bro. William JR Boland PM gave feedback on the progress of our proposed annual visit to the Eldon Lodge and stressed the importance of the return visit in this our 70th anniversary.

Brethren where asked to inform the Secretary of their intention to attend with a simple YES/NO email at their earliest convenience. Brethren were reminded that the should make their own travel and accommodation arrangements in goodtime, to be later reimbursed by the Bro. Treasurer on production of valid receipts. It was further agreed that a customised bottle of whisky and some glasses be purchased on behalf of the Lodge for a presentation to Eldon.

Bro. Garthley R.W.M and Bro McLean P.M. volunteered to acquire the items.

New Computer Equipment

The Secretary and Treasurer gave a report to the Committee of the present computer and software used for the good governance of the Lodge. After a short presentation, they recommended that the system was in need of upgrading and was essential to futureproof the efficient running of the Lodge. After a short discussion, the R.W.M suggested that Bros Secretary and Treasurer prepare a report of equipment and software needed and report back to Committee. This was proposed by Bro. Bill Boland P.M. and seconded by Bro. Alistair Easson P.M.

Lodge Webpage

Lodge Webpage is ongoing and has recently been updated and revamped with a new look.


Raffle Tickets

As in previous years it was agreed that the Lodge would purchase the tickets.


The Honorarium was agreed.


Bro. Bill Boland raised the issue that under the existing Lease Agreement for the Café and Thistle Room that Alcohol must not be sold in the Thistle Room on any occasion.

Bro. David Garthley also raised and issues that the toilet in the Masters room which is being used as an office by our tenant is not working.

The R.W.M would write a letter to our tenant covering both matters.

The date of the next meeting was set for Tuesday the 14th November within Brodie’s Close at 19.30hrs

There being no further competent business the meeting concluded at 21.10hrs.

The R.W.M again thanked all those Brethren for their attendance and support.

-------------------------------------                                                  -------------------------------------

Bro. David Garthley R.W.M.                                                 Bro. Jim Nicol Secretary


06th 10 2017. 

20th March 1962. Dear Brethren while working on our Web Page The Celtic Lodge E & L 291 History.

This was the evening of the Mark Degree Bro William Mitchell RWMM conferred the Mark Degree on Bro Abraham Clark M Cargill No 79 and Adam Hill Malcolm No 81 and they were welcomed by the Brethren.

Bro T Law RWM of Ballingirie Lodge presented the Celtic Lodge with a Sword to be used in our New Premises and wished the Celtic Lodge every success  when they went into the Lawnmarket.

The RWM accepting the gift thanked Bro T Law for the very handsome Sword he understood was over 200 years Old and was suitably engraved to mark this occasion. There being no further business the Lodge was closed in due and solemn form.


I have never seen such a gift and wonder if any of our older Brethren my be able to shed some Light on this Sword. It would be great if we could find this item with its Historic value to the Celtic Lodge.


Bro Jim when you have the time could you send this out to the Brethren and add it to our next agenda for the Committee. Bill.

William JR Boland PM Lodge Historian. Almoner.


19 10 2017 Eldon Lodge History.

The Chairman referred to the visit of a Deputation from Lodge Eldon No 3187 English Constitution from Newcastle on Tyne which was to take place in April 1947 the visits between the Lodges had up till now been a private arrangement between friends in both Lodges but that it might now be considered in the light of a formal visit by each Lodge after discussion it was agreed that the Lodge members should in future be the hosts of all deputations from Lodges outside Edinburgh where it was necessary for the deputations to stay the night in Edinburgh and that for the purpose of meeting the expense incurred by the deputations an entertainments fund should be raised from the members of Lodge Celtic.


24th October 2017  To All Brethren of The Celtic Lodge 291

Following a recommendation by the Committee of The Celtic Lodge of Edinburgh & Leith No291. A decision was made and unanimously declared in open Lodge on Tuesday 17th October 2017 to purchase two Apple MacBook computers and printers for Secretarial and Treasury duties.

Serial Numbers  

Treasurer’s MacBook Pro -  C02V5G6NHV2L

Treasurer’s Ink Jet printer -  W9BY013222

Secretary’s MacBook Pro – C02V76HTHV2L

Secretary’s Laser Printer -  CNGMK5CFMR

The aforementioned computers usages are recognised solely for the purpose of Celtic Lodge 291 Masonic Business and Transactions. On no account are they to be used for any personal business or activity. They will remain the sole property of the Lodge as will any software or necessary attachments required to ensure masonic business is conducted appropriately and in accordance with Grand Lodge of Scotland requirements.

Separate passwords will be held securely by the Right Worshipful Master, Secretary, Treasurer and another Lodge Trustee. Passwords will be changed at the end of the Secretary and Treasurer’s tenure. The present and new passwords given to succeeding reigning Right Worshipful Masters.


4th November 2017.

Bro Robert Burns  The Edinburgh & Aberdeen Association of Robert Burns Club Burns and Russia.

In the Celtic Lodge E & L 291 on the Royal Mile in Brodie's Close Lawnmarket Edinburgh.


Bro Gordon Murray Jamieson. Approached the RWM Bro David Garthley Wardens and Brethren of the Celtic Lodge with the view of staging a performance of Burns Works with their Twin City St Petersburg Russia. 

The Committee informed Bro Jamieson he would have to speak to the Cafe Tennant who rented the Thistle Hall but if there was anything the Celtic Lodge could do to help please let us know.


It was agreed between Bro Jamieson and Philippe for them to hold their Burns Works on Saturday 4th November 2017.

The Celtic Committee also agreed to supply Soft Drinks for the event.

The RWM asked that as many of the Celtic Brethren that were able to attend would be welcome.


Bro Robert Burns  Burns Russia 3  Burns & Russia.

Helena Anderson Wright and James Shields welcomed Mr Frank Ross The Lord Provost of Edinburgh and the RWM Bro David Garthley of the Celtic Lodge to the Top table to get a birds eye view of the performance.

Burns Russia 8  Mr James Shields said it has been a pleasure to welcome you all here to-day.

The connection between Edinburgh and St Petersburg our twin City in the fellowship of Robert Burns and specially the Students of School 61.

Bro Robert Burns  We hope you will enjoy this wonderful journey of Robert Burns poems songs and music provided by our talented young performers from the Robert Burns World Federation Schools Festival.


The Honourable Lord Provost of Edinburgh Frank Ross gave a warm welcome to all the visitors from Russia and to the Burns Federation for putting on this Burns Special.


The first half of the programme was performed by the Scottish performers list as follows:

Piper Cassie Findlay - A guid Scots welcome.

Amy Spearing - Ae Fond Kiss.

Catriona Murdoch - Willie Wastle.

Rory McIver Ca the Yowes.

Cassie Findlay - Burns & Scots Fiddle Selection.

Eilidh Simmers & Dodie Simmers - Scotland Story.

Catriona Murdoch - To a Louse.

Eilidh Simmers - Westlin Winds.

Amy Spearing - Address to the Haggis.

Rory McIver - The Lea Rig.

Burns Russia 14   Burns Russia 12  Burns Russia 7  Burns Russia 11  Burns Russia 4  Burns Russia 5  Burns Russia 16  Burns Russia 3  Burns Russia 2  Burns Russia 4


At the End of the first the Scottish Entertainers were presented with their Burns Medals and Certificates to the applaud of the Audience.

Interval: refreshments provided. By the Celtic Lodge 291.


 Burns Russia 8  President James Shields announced that if any one wished to have a tour and History of the Celtic Lodge and Brodie's Close.

001.jpg Celtic Lodge Logo  Bro William JR Boland PM Lodge Historian would be available.

25 of the patrons came up to the Temple and Bro Bill Boland PM gave a History of the Canbuskenneth Monks - Charge of the Light Brigade with Trumpeter Henry Joy - William Hyde of the 82nd Regiment - The Deacon Brodie and his Father Francis Cabinet Maker who's name the Close is named after. Bro Boland thanked those who took the time to listen to the History of the Celtic Lodge and invited those with interest to have a look at our Web site for the full History of the Celtic Lodge.


Burns Russia 18  The call went out for the Second half of the performance of the students from the St Petersburg School 61 to perform Tam O Shanter Directed by Frida Zaitseva and Pauline Belinskaya As follows:

Ilia Zorin - Elena Zhuk.

Pavel Uriadov - Anastasia Grigoreva.

Ekaterina Bykova - Alena Lodygina.

Polina Shaposhnikova - Alina Belova.

Sofia Muksunova - Andrei Khudolozhkin.

Polina Berezanslia - Dobrinya Bychkov-Belinsky.

Danlil Romanyk - Tamara Santrosyan.

Veronika Shaposhnikova - Natalia Rozhkova.

Lana Zhikhar.


The Russian Students of School Performed Tam O Shanter in front of an audience of 70 who were entertained in the true manner even Rabbie Burns him self would have been proud of see some of the photos below: 

 Burns Russia 19  Burns Russia 20   Burns Russia 22  Burns Russia 21  Burns Russia 23  Burns Russia 24  Burns Russia 25  Burns Russia 27  Burns Russia 28  Burns Russia 29  Burns Russia 30  Burns Russia 31  Burns Russia 32  Burns Russia 33  Burns Russia 34 

 Burns Russia 36  Burns Russia 37Burns Russia 38  Burns Russia 26


At the End of the Second Performance the Russian Entertainers were presented with their Burns Medals and Certificates to the applaud of the Audience.


A Man's a Man performed by everyone from Scotland & Russia.

Auld Lang Syne, the Original version will be performed by Rory McIvor & Cassie Findlay (Fiddle). Followed by the invitation for the whole company to join in by singing this International song of friendship accompanied by Eilidh Simmers. 

Burns Russia 8  President James Shields said with Grateful thanks to:

The Lord Provost of Edinburgh Frank Ross.

Right Worshipful Master Bro David Garthley of the Celtic Lodge 291 and the Members of the Lodge.

Cammie Goodall.

The Robert Burns World Federation.

Glasgow District Ass of Burns Clubs. St Petersburg Forum.

Vitat Burns.

Allanton Jolly Beggars Burns Club.

Gordon Jamieson.

Edinburgh Association of Burns Clubs. A

berdeen Burns Club.

Enlightened Burns.

001.jpg Celtic Lodge Logo  The RWM Bro David Garthley would like to thank all involved in helping to arrange such a wonderful performance of Burns Works and to Thank Bro W JR Boland Lodge PM Historian for his Story of the Celtic Lodge and History of Brodie's Close to the Visitors during the Interval. 

Eldon Lodge Visitation 13 11 2017

10th November 2017.

IMG 8590 2  001.jpg Celtic Lodge Logo  The Second half of the 70th Anniversary celebration between the Celtic Lodge E & L No 291 and the Eldon Lodge No 3187 from Newcastle upon Tyne.

The Brethren made their own way down to Newcastle.

We all met at the Eldon Lodge around 6.45 pm a warm welcome was extended to us by the outer door guard and we were shown to an anteroom where we put on our Celtic Lodge Regalia.

The Deputation signed the Attendance Book and the outer guard announced the Deputation was at the Door of the Eldon Lodge.

The WM Bro Ronnie Dodds enquired who was at the Door of the Lodge the Inner Guard announce that a Deputation from our Sister Lodge and Scottish Brethren from the Celtic Lodge E & L 291 sleeked admission[WB1].

The WM Ronnie Dodds ordered that the Deputation be admitted in due form.

The order of admission was as follows:

Bro David Boland EA.

Bro Jim Nicol Secretary

Bro David Ross Black PM

Bro Robert McLean PM Treasurer and:

Acting RWM Bro William JR Boland who was invited to the East.

Bro Boland tanked the WM for the warm welcome into the Temple.

The WM introduced Bro Malcolm Byrne PAGDOC of United Grand Lodge of England and PM of Faraday Lodge No 4852 who gave a very Historic view of the War in the Pacific that started and brought the Americans into the 1st WW.

By the surprise attack on Pearl Harbour.

Pearl Harbour is a U.S. naval base near Honolulu, Hawaii, and was the scene of a devastating surprise attack by Japanese forces on December 7, 1941.

Just before 8 a.m. on that Sunday morning, hundreds of Japanese fighter planes descended on the base, where they managed to destroy or damage nearly 20 American naval vessels, including eight enormous battleships, and over 300 airplanes. More than 2,400 Americans died in the attack, including civilians, and another 1,000 people were wounded. The day after the assault, President Franklin D. Roosevelt asked Congress to declare war on Japan.

350 aircraft were destroyed or damaged.
All 8 battleships of the U.S. Pacific Fleet were sunk or badly damaged - including the U.S.S. Arizona.
And yet all of America's aircraft carriers remained unscathed.


USS Arizona (BB-39) - sunk, total loss, lies at bottom of Pearl Harbour.
USS Oklahoma (BB-37) - capsized, total loss.
USS West Virginia (BB-48) - sunk, later raised, repaired and re-joined fleet July 1944.
USS California (BB-44) - sunk, later raised, repaired and re-joined fleet May 1944.
USS Nevada (BB-36) - heavily damaged, grounded, repaired and re-joined fleet December 1942.
USS Pennsylvania (BB-38) - was in drydock - slightly damaged, repaired and re-joined fleet August 1942.
USS Maryland (BB-46) - damaged, repaired and re-joined fleet February 1942
USS Tennessee (BB-43) - damaged, repaired and re-joined fleet March 1942.


USS Helena (CL-50) - heavily damaged, repaired and re-joined fleet June 1942.
USS Honolulu (CL-48) - damaged, repaired and re-joined fleet January 1942.
USS Raleigh (CL-7) - heavily damaged, repaired and re-joined fleet July 1942


USS Cassin (DD-372) - was in drydock - heavily damaged, rebuilt and re-joined fleet February 1944
USS Downes (DD-375) - was in drydock - heavily damaged rebuilt and re-joined fleet November 1943
USS Helm (DD-388) - damaged, continued on patrol, repaired and re-joined fleet January 1942
USS Shaw (DD-373) - in floating drydock - severely damaged and repaired


USS Oglala (CM-4) - sunk, raised, repaired and re-joined fleet February 1944


Seaplane Tender - USS Curtiss (AV-4) - damaged, repaired and re-joined fleet January 1942
Harbour Tug - USS Sotoyomo (YT-9) - with Shaw - sunk, raised, repaired and re-joined fleet August 1942
USS Utah (AG-16) - capsized, on bottom of Pearl Harbour
Vestal - heavily damaged, beached, re-floated, repaired and re-joined fleet February 1942

YFD-2 - sunk, raised, and re-floated, repaired and re-joined fleet May 1942.


Aircraft Losses

U.S. Navy - 92 lost, 31 damaged.
U.S. Army - 77 lost, 128 damaged.
Japanese - 9 fighters, 15 dive bombers, 5 Torpedo.

One hundred eighty-eight U.S. aircraft were destroyed; 2,403 Americans were killed, and 1,178 others were wounded.

Japanese losses were light: 29 aircraft and five midget submarines lost, and 64 servicemen killed. One Japanese sailor, Kazuo Sakamaki, was captured.

The surprise attack came as a profound shock to the American people and led directly to the American entry into World War II in both the Pacific and European theaters. The following day, December 8, the United States declared war on Japan, and several days later, on December 11, Germany and Italy declaredwar on the U.S. The U.S. responded with a declaration of war against Germany and Italy. Domestic support for non-interventionism, which had been fading since the Fall of France in 1940, disappeared.

There were numerous historical precedents for unannounced military action by Japan, but the lack of any formal warning, particularly while negotiations were still apparently ongoing, led President Franklin D. Roosevelt to proclaim December 7, 1941, "a date which will live in infamy". Because the attack happened without a declaration of war and without explicit warning, the attack on Pearl Harbor was later judged in the Tokyo Trials to be a war crime.

American Response to the Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki On August 6, 1945, the Enola Gay flew over Hiroshima and dropped the first ever atomic bomb to be used in war, and the second bomb came three days later in the Bock's Car, destroying Nagasaki. The bombings of Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki caused varied reactions in America. Initially, the public was surprised at what had happened, and mixed emotions plagued their minds. Through details issued by the U.S. Government, including public statements and propaganda, most were convinced that the bombings were necessary, despite their worry about the future and sympathy for those who lost their homes, families, and lives in Japan. In the US, the initial responses were mixed. Many felt joy that the war was over, joy that loved ones fighting the war could come home, and joy that we had won. There was also a fear of the results of our actions, which at this point were unpredictable. Many couldn't overcome their concern for the massive amount of destruction we caused, resulting in nearly 140,000 deaths (PBS), and many Americans were sympathetic towards the Japanese, despite hostility toward their government and nation.

The Brethren were amazed and enlightened to the experiences of the Historic and tragic influences on all countries and as we say in Masonic terms all are blessed in their belief that the only true one God will survive, and the Brethren will be blessed in the knowledge that until the next tragedy of War will be the loss of lives.

The Brethren expressed their grateful thanks to Bro Malcom for his in-depth knowledge of the destructiveness of War and the loss of life to mankind.

The WM also thanked Bro Malcom for his narration of the WAR in the Pacific.

The WM Bro Ronnie Dodds asked if there was any business for the gain of Freemasonry.

Bro William JR Boland Acting RWM from the Celtic Lodge asked if he could take up a moment before Bro Frank gave his closing speech to the Eldon Lodge.

Bro Bill acting RWM on behalf of the RWM Wardens and Brethren all.

Invested Bro Ronnie Dodds with a Celtic Lodge Medal form the first regular Meeting in 1947 between both the Celtic and Eldon Brethren enjoyed the first Harmony to-gather.

We all retired to the Harmony Hall when we were supplied with appeal food and refreshments supplied by our sister and Historic Brethren the Eldon Lodge.

After their usual Toasts and especially the Toast to the Celtic Lodge our   Acting RWM Brother Bill Boland PM called upon:

alt  Bro Robert McLean to present a Bottle of the finest Scottish nature and special reserve Whiskey inscribed with the Famous Grouse Celtic Lodge 291 and on the Back Happy 70th Anniversary between Celtic and Eldon Lodges. 1947-2017.

David and William at the Eldon Lodge 3187 .jpg 2  Thereafter Bro Bill then called upon our latest Light in Freemasonry Bro David Boland an Entered Apprentice Freemason to present a set of especially made set of Glasses supplied by our RWM Bro David Garthley the glasses were inscribed with the Old and New Forth Road Bridges across the River Forth.

The WM Bro Ronnie Dodds expressed his and the Eldon Lodge’s grateful thanks to all of the visitors and especially to Bro Bill Boland RWM and his Deputation for their wonderful presentations.

We were thereafter entertained by 2 of the finest Brethren in Freemasonry in the presents of Bro John Armstrong and Bro Keith Kenney who both entertained the brethren for nearly 2 hours.

Elvis may not have passed to the Grand Lodge above but may have been present at our wonderful harmony.

The Raffle was drawn and among others Bro David R Black won a Bottle of Whiskey. The Evening being over the WM Bro Ronnie Dodds closed the Lodge in due and solemn form. Report by Bro William JR Boland PM Lodge Historian.


                          Provincial Grand Lodge                          Celtic Lodge Crest 06 08 2018                         Widows Sons of Scotland Masonic Riders 2                    

4th August 2014.  Wreath Laying Ceremony to commemorate the Great War. 

The RWM of the Celtic Lodge E & L 291 Bro David Garthley Wardens and Brethren had a Blue Ribbon Day.

A Wreath-Laying Ceremony in Commemoration of the End of the Great War 1914-1918.

The 100 Years on Ceremony was held at the Edinburgh City Chambers Cenotaph. In association with the Widows Sons of Scotland Masonic Riders.

The Order of Service as Follows:

Provincial Grand Lodge  Provincial Grand Lodge of Edinburgh. Bro Norman MacLeod, Provincial Grand Master gave a warm welcome.

Call to Worship, Bro Rev, William Paterson.

Brethren sang the opening Psalm 100.

All people that on earth do dwell sing to the Lord with cheerful voice.

Prayer, Bro Rev William Paterson.

Provincial Grand Lodge  Reading, Substitute Provincial Grand Master Bro Robert Mitchell. In Flanders fields the poppies blow between the crosses.

Ode of Remembrance, Bro Rev William Paterson.

They shall grow not old.


Bugler, Alistair Knowles. The Last Post.

The Brethren and Guests together observed a twominute silence for all our brave service personnel and Brethren.

Bugler, Alistair Knowles. Played Reveille.

Prayer, Bro Rev William Paterson. Followed by the Lord's Prayer.

Provincial Grand Lodge   Wreaths from the Province were laid the Provincial Grand Master Bro Norman Macleod followed by The City of Edinburgh's Lord Provost, the Right Honourable Lord Lieutenant and Lord Provost Frank Ross then followed in procession 37 Daughter Lodges starting from the lowest number through to the highest number all laid their personal wreath in Memory of our fallen Brothers and Sisters.

The Brethren and Guests then sung Psalm 24, The Lord's my Shepherd, I'll not want.

Final Blessing Bro Rev William Paterson.

Piper Bro David Black closed the ceremony by playing the Flowers of the Forrest.


Celtic Lodge Crest 06 08 2018  At the end of the Ceremony the Brethren and Guests were invited to the Celtic Lodge E & L 291 for a finger buffet light refreshments.

Our RWM Bro David Garthley sends his apologies as he is awaiting a Back Operation.


Master Elect William JR Boland PM stood in on the RWM's  David's behalf.

There were around 70 Guests who attended the Celtic Lodge, all were received by Bro Bill Boland PM, the guests were invited to help themselfs to the bumper feast laid on by the following Celtic Brethren Bro Robert McLean PM, Secretary Bro Secretary James C Nicol who had worked very hard all week to ensure this day was a success also helpers Bro David Black PM Bro David Boland our latest light in Freemasonry.


Celtic Lodge Crest 06 08 2018  The proceedings started with Bro W JR Boland PM giving all the Brethren and guests a very warm welcome in to the Celtic Lodge Temple, this was followed by Bro Bill introducing the PGMM Bro Norman MacLeod to open the reception. 

Provincial Grand Lodge  Bro Norman gave the same warm welcome to the proceedings and thanked Bro Bill for putting on such a feast and personally thanked Bro's Robert, Jim, David and David for all their preparation and hard work to make the event such a success.

While they all enjoyed the food and refreshments the PGM and Bro Bill circulated talking to all the visitors.

At the conclusion Bro W JR Boland PM thanked all who attended for making the day a very memorable one not only for the Celtic Lodge but Freemasonry in particular.

Bro Bill said he would again like to thank Bro's Robert, Jim, who had worked tirelessly all week to ensure this day was a success also Bro David and Bro David for the way they presented the Food and refreshments. 


Provincial Grand Lodge  Bro Bill then invited SPGM Bro Robert Mitchell to give the Tyler's Toast to the Memory of all those who have fallen also absent Brethren.

Wheresoever they may be,

On the land, the sea or in the air.

A speedy relief from their suffering,

And a safe return to their native land, If they so desire.

(Brethren responded)

To all poor and distressed brethren."

Bro Robert asked the Visitors to charge their Glasses and gave the Toast to absent Brethren.

 Then to our final toast tonight, our glasses freely drain,

Happy to meet, sorry to part, happy to meet again"

Celtic Lodge Crest 06 08 2018  The Master Elect Bro William JR Boland PM in closing the event invited all brethren and guests who would be interested to hear the story of our Mural of the Celtic Lodge painted on the back wall By Marlene Douglas to remain behind.

Bro Bill then closed the day by thanking all and wishing the brethren and guests a very safe journey home.


Bro William JR Boland PM Celtic Lodge historian then gave the 12 who remained the History of the Mural.

Beginning with the Canbuskennith Monks.

Next story of Henry Joy member of the Celtic Lodge who sounded the bugle to the Charge of the Light Brigade Crimean War. 

Thirdly the Indian mutiny at Cawnpore in 1857 when William Hyde Colour Sergeant 82nd Regiment was killed on the battle field.

His Masonic Certificate was found in the battle field by Captain Thompson taken to Canada then sent to Grand Lodge of England and Grand Lodge of Scotland and forwarded to the Celtic Lodge where it has pride of place on our memorial wall within the Lodge. 


Last the Deacon Brodie (William Brodie) who was a man about town and very highly classed as a dandy of his day who fell on hard times.

To alleviate this, he and a locksmith friend came up with a plan, his locksmith friend made keys for the gentry of the time to which they decided to make extra keys which would allow them free entry to Work premises and houses, they then helped themselves to any money's and valuable Items.

William was hung for his crimes or so it is said.

We at the Celtic Lodge believe A French doctor Friend made him a steel collar to put around his neck, the collar would then take the strain of the rope however the strong jerk of the noose would render William unconcise, believing William was dead his Body was released and was allowed to be brought back to Brodie's Close, he was laid out on our Kitchen floor and revived.

It was alleged William escaped from Edinburgh fled to London, Netherlands before settling in America were it is said his family joined him later.

This is our story at the Celtic Lodge Home of William and his father Frances who the Close is named after.

William John Ross Boland PM Lodge Historian.


There after the Brethren had a very good discussion on the pros and cons of Freemasonry in general. WJRB PM LH.