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Affiliate Member William Henry Agustas Fitz Strathern 5th April 1844

  Candidate’s Name Brother William Henry Augustas Fitz Strathern



 Other Offices of Lodge Kirkwall Kilwining No 38/2 Island of  Pomona Orkney

 Affiliated Member 5th April 1844

 RWM of the Celtic Brother Andrew Murray 1844

Brother William Henry Augustus Fitz Strathern had the honor of being secretary to a Masonic Lodge when he was very young the light having beamed on him in 1811 in the Lodge Kilwining of Kirkwall Island of Pomona whose charter No 45 bears the date 1st December 1740 Which makes him an old member of the architectural craft and he may add that he was made a Brother expressly for filling the situation of secretary since that remote period he has visited English and Irish Lodges in both of which Kingdoms he has been affiliated in the mystic art and has therefore had much experience in Masonry and science of calligraphy many of the brightest gems of the Celtic Lodge were affiliated Brethren among others Brother Murray excellent PM whose influential devotion to Masonry is the admiration of all present there is also Brother The Honorable Captain Joycelyn who deservedly occupies the highest positions in the lodge under whose command and wholesome instruction he need hardly say they all feel most happy in illustration on this important point affiliated members in some cases may be compared to say many small brooks contributing unity and strength to the magnificent current of the Brotherhood like the tributary streams that flow into a mystic river without hydraulic assistance it’s waters could never have assumed it’s mighty power nor reach the ocean in such force the volumes of records were given into the possession of Brother Fitz Strathern with instructions to draw up the minutes to issue circulars for monthly meetings and other attendances for which he should receive a remuneration corresponding to the salary voted to the secretary for the performance of his duties to the lodge Brother Fitz Strathern then took the oath De Fideli Adminis Trationi officii and did homage to the chair and afterwards to the brethren Thereafter Brother Konrad Jockel respectfully stated to the lodge that he had served his full time in the two degrees of Masonry and therefore now humbly requested the honor to be elevated to the third degree which request having been considered just and reasonable as a recompense due too zeal diligence and capacity Brother Jockel was raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason and was then conducted to the east when the RWM commanded him to take his station among the brethren Brother Jockel then made his obeisance to the oriental chair and Worshipful Wardens and returned his grateful thanks to the lodge for the brilliant lanthorn of knowledge that had been revealed unto him in answer to the mystic question put by the RWM in the east to the JW whose duty it is to watch and report the glorious luminary sum announce that it was high meridian when the RWM gave orders that the brethren might for a short time enjoy rest and take refreshment with due dimensions and this was done accordingly not long after there arrived a Brother Celt from the far East Indies where he had been in service of Her Britannic Majesty as he had not been in the lodge for five years he was cordially welcomed and on his health being drunk with Masonic Honours he returned his grateful thanks and made the following brief speech most Worshipful and honourable brethren during my absence I have been in various parts of Asia and I am proud to say that in my travels in that vast region I have found Masonry to be of the greatest advantage to me and I bear evidence that Masonry is in the ascendant in foreign parts after having been so long away I feel uncommonly happy to be seated again in my maternal lodge and to be so kindly noticed on this occasion there is only one thing that lessens my joy and it is this when I cast my enquiring eye around me in search of my former associates I observe that very few of those excellent Masters of the craft who made me a Mason are present. Perhaps some of them like father Hiram and Brother Burns the poet have passed that bourn from whence no traveller returns. On the other hand it affords me great pleasure to observe in the lodge this evening many happy new faces of young brethren whose open intelligent countenances bespoke benevolent hearts one of the best attributes of the true disciples to the mystic tye. He therefore begged leave to offer his warmest congratulations for this increase of Celtic members and he sincerely hoped that the lodge would flourish in wisdom strength and beauty and he craved permission to dedicate a flowing bumper to all his brother Celts and success to the boundless elements of fraternity in Masonry was granted him to drink the toast amidst great demonstration of brethren. Brother Donaldson always animated with noble feelings towards music and masons favoured   the lodge with excellent sentiments and a few of his choice songs in his usual superior style to irresistibly applause. Brother McCormick and several other members followed with English Irish and Scottish carols which added to the hilarity and entertainment of the brethren. The lodge then resumed their work and terminated in a rational and social manner precisely at high twelve the RWM PM closed the lodge with the usual solemnities of Masonry. Please see our History of the Celtic Lodge.   wjrb.