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Military Member Angus MacSwayed Late Pipe Major of the 78th Regiment Master Mason 6th April 1847

  Candidate’s Name Mr Angus MacSwayed late Piper Major of  the 78th Regiment



 Proposed By Brother

 Seconded By Brother

 First or Entered 6th April 1847

 Second or Fellow 3rd March 1848

 Third or Sublime Degree 17th April 1848

 RWM of the Celtic Brother Andrew Murray PM 1847


Mr Angus MacSwayed Late Pipe Major of the 78th Regiment

The Brethren adjourned to hear Brother MacSwayd perform the Great Highland Bagpipe for the purpose of testing his Capabilities of serving the Lodge as Piper.

Angus McSwayed, was Passed to the Fellow Craft Degree. 4th February 1848 He took the Oath of the Second Degree and Returned Thanks to the Brethren, at the Harmony he Played the Highland Masons Anthem, which Bro McSwayed did so on his powerful alpine instrument,


Angus was Raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason, 18th August 1848.


Thereafter the Oath de fideli administratione Officii was taken at the Alter by these three newely elected Brethren and they were duly installed in the respective Chairs, and received the congratulations and cheers of their Brother electors while Bro Piper MacSwayed pealed the Anthem in his best stirring strains of Highland instrumental Music.


Bro Angus Played his Pipe at the Head of Many Celtic Lodge Deputations, Ceremonies of Laying the Foundation Stones and at Grand Lodge of Scotland Banquets.


On the 15th September 1850


While on a Deputation over the Borders to England The Celtic Lodge of Edinburgh to the City of Newcastle upon Tyne.


On Sunday Morning the 15th September 1850, the Celtic Lodge, Deputation arrived safe on the Tyne at ¼ to 9am , and landed in view of the marvellous High Level Bridge at Steamers Wharf.

Where at the main Top mast of a large ship a Masonic Flag with Compass and Square floated in the breeze, and a piece of Ordnance was then Fired in Honour of the Celtic Deputation.


At this stirring moment Brother Angus McSwayed the Celtic Lodge Great Bag Piper, became so elevated that he requested leave to play the stirring Music of the Campbells are coming, or the Blue Bonnets over the Borders.


On Monday the 16th September at the Feast with the Provincial Grand Lodge of Northumberland, Brother William Loraine Esquire as Deputy Provincial Grand Master Presiding over the procedings.


The Celtic Brethren spent a very Harmonious evening with various Musicians in full Song. Accompanied by their Highland Guardsman and their Great Bag Piper Brother Angus Mc Swayed whose well tuned instrument poured forth the stirring mountain music, to which in other days King Malcolm Caymore and other Masonic Monarchs of the North may have marched in hostile intent against the very Town where the National Pipe and drone now only discoursed high notes of peace amidst smiling Englishmen sworn Brothers.

The Celtic Lodge would ask if you have any further Information to Please contatct us at


The Story below is from a Web Page on Piper.


Norman Mac Swayed

In His 2009 publication of Pipers of the Highland Regiments 1854-1902, published by Savannah Publications, R H Crawford describes Norman MacSwayed as:-

Son of Angus MacSwayed, A Native of Skye and former Piper or Pipe Major of the 78th Highlanders. He transferred from Highland Rifle Militia on the 5th July 1872 to the Stirlingshire Militia, where he was appointed Pipe Major upon the discharge of John MacDonald.

On the 8th July 1873, he attested for permanent staff with the Regiment. He was a Composer of the Seaforth March, Cuidich ‘n Righ and often competed at the Northern Meeting during the 1870s and the Argyllshire Gathering in 1890.

It is believed that he continued his service with the 3rd Militia Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.

On the 2nd January 1871, a Norman MacSwayed wed Elizabeth M Burgess at Inverness, and in 1895 a Norman MacSwayed was appointed Pipe Major of the 48th Highlanders of Canada. Their relationship to the above is uncertain.

The History Book of the 48th Highlanders suggests that this is in fact the same Norman MacSwayed, and that he served as Pipe Major of the 48th in Toronto from 1895-1900

Following Pipe Major Ireland, the Pipe Majorship was held by Mr Norman MacSwayed, a Native of Dingwall, who had Military training as a piper and who was a strict disciplinarian and a thoroughly capable leader. He was known as a good piobaireachd player in Scotland, and had won honours at Braemar, and other Highland gatherings where competitions for mastery in the Music of Scotland. Mr MacSwayed had in his Band: a Sergeant George Murray, Pipers William Currie, Hugh MacKenzie, James R Muir, John Sutherland, John Trenholm, George Thomson, John Shire, and John Bryden; Drummers- Alexander Munro, Samuel McCracken, Harry McGowan, James Malbrough, Charles Hawkins, and George Cottenden. When Mr MacSwayed resigned the position to return to Scotland, his place was filled by Mr Farquhar Beaton JM  September 2010 with thanks to Mr Crawford’s Book to Iain Lang, Pipe Major, 48th Highlanders of Canada. Photo courtesy of the 48th Highlanders of Canada.