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When we will be welcoming all our usual Brethren and Invited Guests and afterwards to a Harmony in our Thistle Room at Brodie's Close Lawnmarket Edinburgh.

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Honorary Member The Honorable Lord Viscount Ranelagh an English Peer and Member of various Lodges 4th August 1848

  Candidate’s Name Brother the Right Honourable Lord Viscount  Ranelagh An English Peer


 Address 4 Park Place St James London

 Proposed By Brother Andrew Murray PM

 Seconded By Brother Morris Leon PM

 Other Offices of Member of Several Lodges

Honorary Member 4th August 1848

 RWM of the Celtic Thomas Swinburne 1848

 Brother The Lord Viscount Ranelagh Made an Honorary Member of the Celtic Lodge, along wit the following Brethreb on the 4th August 1848.

 On the Motion of Bro Murray and seconded by Bro Leon the following Nine were made Honorary Members of the Celtick Lodge, and took their Obligations:-

 1. Bro John Campbell Renton of Canongate Kilwinning Lodge No 2, M.P. and Provincial Grand Master for Berwickshire. Berwickshire and House of Commons London.

 2. Bro The Right Honourable Lord Viscount Ranelagh, an English Peer and also a Member of Several Lodges, of No 4 Park Place St James London.

 3. Bro Colonel James McDonald of H.Msd Life Guards and a Member of Canongate Kilwinning Lodge, of Logan House Stranrar.

 4. Bro Sir David Kinloch of Gilmerton, A Baron of Muerton.

 5. Bro Charles Craigie Haskett, A Gentleman of Fortune of the New Club Edinburgh.

 6. Bro Duncan Graham, A Gentleman of Fortune of the Graham's Castle Ardrosson.

 7. Bro Cecil Dudgeon, an Officer in the 61st Regiment and of Lodge 84 Ireland of 10 Carlton Strand London.

 8. Bro David Hunter A Gentleman of Fortune, of Blackness.

 9. Bro Axil Dickson, A Gentleman of Sweeden and Member of St David's Lodge Edinburgh,Strangers' Club London.

 Lord Ranelagh, on returning thanks, spok as follows:-

 The present happy meeting of so many Honourable Brethren give me unbounded pleasure, and I rejoice that my Ailiation in the Celtic Lodge, which I highly prize, will now give me the distinguished privilege of hosting the Royal Tartan on my Masonic corfus, notwithstanding of my Saxon and Norman disent.

 In the course of my travels abroad, I have visited many foreign Lodges, and I have found by experience that Masonry was a ready passport to all good Brethren. Masonry is a useful arena where the Peer and the Peasant "met on the level and parted on the Square," which had that evening been so beautifully Sung by their Brother McCormack.

 I never enjoyed myself better than when I laid aside my rank as a Nobleman, and joined in Masonic and domestic Circles, or in the manly amusement of a well ordered soclety, which often result in drawing forth the most exalted feelings of human nature.

 As an evidence of that I beg leave to mention that I and my Brother Officers of the Regiment to which we belong, permitted our men to mix with us in the athelic games of Cricket and quoits, and what may appear rather strange, the private Soldier, invaniably beat their Officers in play, and won the prines.

 Those occasional pastimes generated mutual good will between the contending parties, and attachment and respectful obedience on the part of the men to their superiors for their condescension, while it gave to every one personal excitement and healtful exercise during the contest.

 Although I am soon to leave the celebrated City of Literative, I mean Edinburgh, I hope that I will be able to visit the Celtic Lodge at some future period meantime he assured hos Brethren of that distinguished Lodge that he would ever feel greatful for their kindness. (Applause)

 A variety of complimentary toasts followed in Honor of the Office Bearers. Brothers Donaldson and MacCormick charmed their admiring Brethren with some choice Songs and at last at the Mystical Hour of High Twelve the Lodge was duly closed, by DM James Robertson PM.

If Any one has other information on these Brethren Please contact Bro Bill Boland PM Treasurer and Lodge Historian. Last up Date, 27th 10 2012.