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if your are looking for a Father, Grand Father, or Family Member, who may have been a Member of the Celtic Lodge E & L 291 or if you would like to join the Celtic Lodge 291 or have an interest in  Freemasonry please Email us and we will try to help your enquiry to Bill Boland PM Lodge Historian at
When we will be welcoming all our usual Brethren and Invited Guests and afterwards to a Harmony in our Thistle Room at Brodie's Close Lawnmarket Edinburgh.

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Andrew MacKay Ross Brother 18th November 1939

Candidate’s Name Mr Andrew MacKay Ross Musical  Instrumental Maker

DOB 19th September 1891 48 Years Old                                              

Address 32 Rankeillor Street Edinburgh                                         

Proposed By Brother Thomas Robertson RWM                            

Seconded By A Johnstone                                                                   

First or Entered 18th November 1939                                               

Second or Fellow 20th February 1939                                                  

Third or Sublime Degree 19th March 1940                                            

RWM of the Celtic Brother Thomas Robertson

Brother Andrew was Bag Pipe Maker and Musical Instrument Maker. One time owner of the J&R Glen shop on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland. Began working for the Glen family in 1911. Operated the business after the Glens retired in 1940, later became owner in 1954. Operated the shop along with his son, Andrew Jr., as well as additional staff. Some number of months before his death, sold his shop to Gordon Stobo. Andrew Ross Jr. died in the late 1970s and Andrew Sr. also died within a number of months of his son.

Brother Andrew MacKay Ross Piper to the Celtic Lodge and Musical Instrumental Maker, in the Lawnmarket Edinburgh.

Andrew Ross 1        alt

 15th January 1963 Ceremony of Consecration of the Celtic Chapel. The Lodge held a great Ball to commemorate, one held in the same premises in the 1830s.

Brother Andrew played his Bag Pipes ahead of the Horse Drawn Carriages, taking the RWM and his Guests to the Grand Ball, at the Celtic Lodge 304 Lawnmarket.

Andrew Found a Lintel with the Mark Masters Mark of the Celtic Lodge, which is to be found over the entrance to the Celtic Lodge. It had been there since it was Installed in 1962, and through the annals of time the its History had nearly been lost.

Sandra Manager of the Cafe in the Brodie’s Close, asked Bro Bill Boland what the Mark meant as some visitors to the Cafe had been asking about the Mark. Bro Bill said I have to say although he had seen the Mark over the Years, he said I don’t know, but I will make enquires.

So after some research Bill came up with Bro Andrew Ross as the founder of the Mark, and Bill looked at the Mark and came up with The Mark being the sign of the Celtic Lodge and usingdifferent angles a alphabet and other Masonic signs can be Read

Andrew Ross 2


Andrew was an Instrument, Bag Pipe Maker, Sporran Maker and Tartan Regalia,his shop in the Lawnmarket, was first owned by the Family of J & R Glen, Highland Bagpipe Makers' until it closed about 1978. This was the business founded in 1827 by Thomas McBean Glen in the Cowgate in Edinburgh. Andrew Ross ran the business from 1951 to 1954, when under the terms of an agreement he inherited J & R Glen Bagpipes. Andrew died in 1979 and the Glen business closed shortly thereafter.

Andrew Ross 3 

Andrew Ross who acquired the business from the Glens in 1947, The National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland purchased the bagpipe collections from the family in 1983.

   Celtic Lodge 06 10 2012 013              Andrew Ross 4

Brother Andrew M Ross was a Distinguish Member of the Lodge. Honorary Grand Lodge Organist. Whose Inspired Sustained Advocacy Led To The Building of This Temple.

Brother Andrew was Involved with the early negotiations along with the Sub Committee set up to acquire a New Home for the Lodge.

After many dealings and examining various Premises they came up with a possible Home, We purchased a block of Premises in the Lawnmarket, 1n 1947, but we did not move in to our Lodge until 1962 when it was completely refurbished. On the Left The Refurbished in 1962. On the Right The Refurbished Temple 50 years on with our New Masonic Carpet.


 alt     Celtic Lodge New Carpet



An Email enquiry to the Celtic Lodge on our Web Page, from Mr Bob Bruce, researching his wife’s Family, History asked if her Great Grand Father ; Andrew Ross (1849 – 1925 ) alas when Bro Bill Boland checked the Lodge History of Members, could not Find this Bro Andrew. The Celtic Lodge would have been proud to have this Worthy Brother as a Member of our Lodge.

Andrew Ross 5

Although he was indeed a Family Member of our Bro Andrew MacKay Ross, He had been a Solicitor and Author of many Books. Also was the Ross Herald at the Court of the Lord Lyon

Ross                                                 Ross 2 


and was involved in collecting of Old Regimental Colours for their Placing in St Giles’ Cathedral Edinburgh.

St Giles 

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