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The RWM and Brethren of the Celtic Lodge E & L 291 would like wish everyone the very best in 2017.
The Brethren of the Celtic Lodge 291 would like to wish all who visit our Web Page a Hundred Thousand Welcomes and we encourage all enquiries.
if your are looking for a Father, Grand Father, or Family Member, who may have been a Member of the Celtic Lodge E & L 291 or if you would like to join the Celtic Lodge 291 or have an interest in  Freemasonry please Email us and we will try to help your enquiry to Bill Boland PM Lodge Historian at
When we will be welcoming all our usual Brethren and Invited Guests and afterwards to a Harmony in our Thistle Room at Brodie's Close Lawnmarket Edinburgh.

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1 RWM Brother John Ferney 1st 2nd 3rd Right Worshipful Master Founder Member 1821-1824


Brother John Ferney The First Right Worshipful Master of The Celtic Lodge

The Celtic Lodge and it’s success extends from the very first meeting which was held on 22nd May 1921 in the Old Freemason’s Hall in the Cowgate the Lodge was Solemnly Constituted by: -

Brother Sir Patrick Walker Knight Usher of the White Rod for His Majesty in Scotland

Brother Alexander Stewart Deuchers His Majesty’s Seal Engraver and

Brother Bertram.

Thereafter Brother John Ferney was installed as the first Right Worshipful Master of the Celtic Lodge thereafter the installing Masters Installed the Following Brethren to be Brother Ferney’s Office Bearers: -

Brother Alexander Brand Depute Master

Brother John Douglas Substitute Master

Brother Alexander McKenzie Senior Warden

Brother William Grant Junior Warden

Brother William Swanston Treasurer

Brother Peter Farquharson Secretary

Brother John Taylor Senior Deacon

Brother William Petrie Bible Bearer 

Brother George McKnight Junior Deacon

Brother George Buchannan Grand Steward

Brother John Wright 1st Sward Bearer

Brother James Robertson 2nd Sward Bearer

Brother David Budge Inner Guard

Brother Kenneth McKenzie Tyler

Brother John Ferney RWM Was the RWM From 22nd May to December 1824 his Office Bearers as follows 27th December 1821-22: -

Brother Alexander Brand Depute Master

Brother Colin J McDonald Substitute Master

Brother Robert Ross Past Master

Brother Alexander McKnight Senior Warden

Brother Peter Farquarson Junior Warden

Brother William Swanston Treasurer

Brother George Sutherland Secretary

Brother Thomas Mc Nice Senior Deacon

Brother Donald McKenzie Junior Deacon

Brother James Nordie Bible Bearer

The Celtic Lodge was conceived in 1821 in the house of Alexander Stewart, 188 Cowgate, Edinburgh. The petitioners for a charter being actuated by a strong desire, which they trusted was a powerful motive in the breast of every Scotsman, “to promote the manufacture of the tartan of their native land and encourage the wearing of the ancient costume of their country.”

For this reason one of the Bye-laws of the Lodge was to be that – “all members should be clothed at their own expense in the Royal Tartan in honour of their Celtic forefathers, who wore their tartan at Church and on the battlefield.” The expense so caused was no trifle, as the fine display, so often noted in the minutes, appears to have been obtained at an individual cost of £40 or £50. For many years the kilted Lodge, escorted by its pipers, and headed usually by some of its military members, was a prominent object in every public Masonic ceremonial, and the enthusiasm of its members for everything national was unbounded. The godmothers of the Celtic Lodge were Lodge Canongate Kilwinning No 2 and Lodge Canongate and Leith No 5, both of whom, notwithstanding the opposition of some other Lodges, recommended the petition, hence the use of Edinburgh and Leith in the title of the Lodge.

The first regular meeting took place in the Old Freemason’s Hall, which still exists in the Cowgate. At that meeting, the first to be entered, passed and raised, in the Lodge, was “Alexander Stewart, Spirit Merchant”, a respectable highlander of the Stewart Clan, who at refreshment “liberally treated his brothers with a plentiful supply of sandwiches, Glenlivet Whiskey, and some bottles of wine.”

The regular meeting of the Lodge thereafter took place in the Freemason’s Hall on Tuesdays and Fridays, but Brother Stewart and his house in the Cowgate was also a popular resort as all private and committee meetings were fixed to take place there. The Bye-laws state that the Celtic Lodge took its rise in the Cowgate, the most ancient place in Edinburgh, except the Castle so it was only right that they should meet there as often as possible, and it helped that Brother Stewart had his house there and that he was so liberal with his Highland Whiskey and good food.


1822 – 1823 RWM Brother John Ferney Office Bearers: -

Brother Robert Ross Past Master

Brother Donald McKenzie Depute Master

Brother Thomas Mc Nice Substitute Master

Brother Alexander Stewart Senior Warden

Brother John Mc Farquhar Junior Warden

Brother William Swanston Treasurer

Brother George Wilson Secretary

Brother David Leckie Senior Deacon

Brother Duncan Mc Donald Junior Deacon

Brother James Menzies Chaplain

Brother David Mc Kay Tyler

Brother William Mc Kay Pyper  (Piper)

1823 – 1824 RWM Brother Ferney Office Bearers: -

Brother George Wilson Past Master

Brother John Clyne Depute Master

Brother James Menzies Substitute Master

Brother Adam Elphinstone Senior Warden

Brother Neil Johnston Junior Warden

Brother Alexander Stewart Treasurer

Brother Thomas Mitchell Secretary

Brother James Bishop Senior Deacon

Brother Archibald Fraser Junior Deacon

Brother William Gunn Chaplain

Brother David Mc Kay Tyler

Brother William Mc Kay Pyper (Piper)